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Live From the 205 (4/16/19): Shaken All Night Long

Like oh my God, 205 Live took a beating in this Superstar Shakeup.

On one hand, it's glad to know that there is apparently a graduation from the cruiserweight division. It is, apparently, a sort of stepping-stone in between developmental and the main roster for those who are under 205, and those who can apparently pass as being under 205. (Looking at you, Buddy.)

2019 will be the year everyone remembers as the year the Purple Brand rebuilds, simply because of all the talent that's been fleeced from their roster. Here's a recap of who's gone:
Mustafa Ali (moved to SmackDown Live late last year)Lio Rush (apparently permanently on RAW now)Hideo Itami (left)Noam Dar (moved to NXT UK)Cedric Alexander (drafted to RAW)Buddy Murphy (drafted to SmackDown Live) Can you believe that the biggest star left on 205 Live is Kalisto, and he's not even anywhere near the Cruiserweight Championship picture? And that the Lucha House Party is also in perpetual danger of being permanentl…
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SmackDown RunDown Live (4/16/19): The Colossal Canine Experience

Let’s just get this out of the way: the Superstar Shake-Up format is terrible. I miss the WWE Draft days where GMs earn draft picks after their representatives win a match. The lottery format was dope too because the lottery graphic made things more exciting. Now they just walk out and be there and the commentary team aren’t even sure if they’re now part of the brand or not. The WWE Draft format was more official and more compelling.

With that being said, this year’s roster reshuffling was probably the most satisfying in years. RAW’s tag team division got a much-needed adrenaline shot, the NXT call-ups were well-deserved, and the changes felt significant. I guess there’s no better way to start this by talking about the elephant in the room, or should I say the big dog in the room. 

Roman Reigns is now on SmackDown Live. One of Vince McMahon’s many pet projects, one of the most polarizing Superstars (as the commentary teams would love to remind everyone), and the leukemia survivor, Roma…

The Grapevine (4/19/19): The Grapevine Experience

Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt!

Things you need to know about Sasha Banks and the Viking Experience:

Sasha Banks and Bayley also found out they were being split up at the last minute. The Superstar Shakeup saw their team separated as Bayley was moved to SmackDown Live. It's speculated that this is another reason for Banks's frustration with the company, in addition to believing they would get a lengthy reign as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. At this point, it's confirmed that Banks is being given a few weeks off to consider her options, as was previously reported. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)We say: Imagine being told the one thing that made you happy was being taken away from you, and that's probably what Sasha is feeling right now. Again, we ho…

The Smark Henry RAW Review (4/15/19): The Roster Changes Experience

Ah, the Superstar Shake-up! I will still refer to it sometimes as the WWE Draft Lottery, and I will most likely refer to each new acquisition as having been drafted, but some things you just can't outgrow. Like renaming a perfectly named tag team as something completely weird. We'll get to that later. Most of the new faces seem pretty awesome, though, and some storyline progress also seems awesome, but only time will tell if it truly is.

Speaking of time, it seems Natalya is past hers. While it was cool watching Natalya and RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch share the ring in competitive fashion, Lacey Evans ultimately stole the spotlight by beating Natalya clean with a really great moonsault to become Lynch's new and official number one contender—at least until someone on SmackDown challenges her for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Ah, the price of greatness.
Natalya's promo was a bit... monotonous, though, so I wasn't really into it, an…

Live From the 205 (4/16/19): It's Nese To Have You

It's been a week after WrestleMania. I apologize to anyone who follows this column for the late revert (I don't have any excuses, really) but how interesting is it that 205 Live followed through and made a new star in Tony Nese?

The show has been in rebuilding mode since before the big show, thanks to a couple of key departures, and you can be forgiven for thinking that this really isn't the most compelling stretch it's ever had. They're in a space where they're trying to see what they come up with, and as a wrestling fan who likes to see new things every now and then, I definitely appreciate that. I definitely appreciate them taking a chance on Tony Nese.

Nese, while not the best talker in the division, is a wonderful worker to watch. He's got the look, he's ridiculously athletic (too athletic to be a heel, even, but both these traits pull him in either direction), and he's a hard worker in the ring. 205 Live absolutely needs new faces to help car…

MWF 7: Kasaysayan: The Official Smark Henry Review

Full disclaimer, this was my first time to watch a full MWF show. I’ve been following the Manila-verse since its initial outing and I was able to catch some of the matches during last year’s HistoryCon exhibition and I did enjoy everything. I was pretty excited to watch a complete show in the flesh because I normally never have Saturdays free and their original choice of venue wasn’t really somewhere I’d travel to because of its distance from me. To be able to experience the whole shebang at a venue closer to my liking was much appreciated and, as a bonus, the show was free.

So, what are my takeaways from MWF 7: Kasayasayan
I’d like to kick off this review by mentioning everything I noticed during the show, from the bad to the good. I say this not as an entitled fan, but as a person who sincerely wants to seeMWF succeed because on paper and on social media, the company gives out an alternative vibe that could give local wrestling fans another choice for sports entertainment.

MWF 7: Kasaysayan Live Results

Marks and smarks, your boy, The Migz, is here at Mandala Park for MWF's first show of the year,MWF 7: Kasaysayan. 
Join us as we have an explosive and hard-hitting evening of wrestling and sports entertainment with your favorite MWF Superstars. 

Are you missing tonight's show? Then, keep checking and refreshing this page as we bring you live results of MWF 7: Kasaysayan!

PRE-SHOWBlack Shirt Trainee defeated Blue Shirt Trainee.
MAIN SHOW Khayl Sison defeated Fabio Makisig via submission. "Danger" Rex Lawin attacked Fabio after the match. Sison made the save after the match. Youngblxxd attacked Lawin after and cut a promo on him.Mr. Lucha came out to cut a promo. Coach Gus Queens interrupted him for an exchange of words.Commissioner Mike Shannon announced that the previously scheduled Ninja Ryujin match will not be taking place due to unforseen instances. A match featuring MWF trainees will be taking place instead.Red Shirt Trainee went over White Shirt Trainee via pinfall.

#SGQ: WrestleModa Weekend

WrestleMania weekend is over and you can bet your bottom dollar everybody brought their most fashionable gear for this whole escapade. If there ever was a fashion week for wrestling in general, then this would be the best representation of that, as a majority of our Superstars were able to catch our eye. So join me, in this edition of #SGQ that I've officially christened as #SGQ: WrestleModa Weekend! Pumped Up Kicks

I'll get this out of the way because a good chunk of the Smark Henry crew are sneaker-heads. Did you all hear about the special gift Becky Lynch received days prior to her WrestleMania 35 main event match? In an article from, it was revealed that she received a custom Air Jordan 3 made by well-known sneaker customizer @Mache275. It's a touching surprise and one that fits her since I personally consider her the GOAT like Michael Jordan. Okay, that might be reaching too much, but somebody please tell me where I can get a pair like this?
New York,…

Smark Hen-XT (4/10/19): LeftOver: New York

Every first episode after each NXT TakeOver always has that drab feeling surrounding it. Everybody knows that most (if not all) of those who participated in the PPV aren't present in the subsequent show and that the episode itself is mostly a recap of what happened during the event. Add the fact that there's more this week as it was WrestleMania weekend, and that means we've got so many things that happened within that timeframe that I can't even fathom the amount of WWE content I consumed.

NXT TakeOver: New York was a great show indeed (the review of which you can read here) but as always, the follow-up TV episode was a huge letdown in terms of content. We've got matches with so little heat and Superstars who we've seen losing matches continually lose more. I do appreciate the fact that they had something lined up for the next weeks to come in terms of fallout from the PPV, I'm happy there were backstage skits involving the Undisputed ERA, and even a vigne…

The Grapevine (4/12/19): The WrestleMania 35 Mailbag

Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt!

Here are a few updates on things that happened this week:
The finish to the WrestleMania 35 main event largely went down as planned. The crucifix pinfall finish by Becky Lynch on Ronda Rousey was what was scripted; the only apparent mistake was that referee Rod Zapata started counting before Rousey's shoulders were down on the mat, causing the confusion surrounding the match. Zapata was fined by the company for the incident. (Source: Fightful)We say: Oof. Zapata's error aside, the decision to go with that kind of finish for such a huge match wasn't the best idea. We feel like whoever pitched that has to be fined, too. Sasha Banks is reportedly considering leaving WWE, having tried to quit over the weekend. It's being reported …