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Cafe Puro (4/7/20): More Free Puroresu Videos to Watch Under Quarantine

With the community quarantine officially being extended, we find ourselves with more time being confined at home looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Today, I'll be showing you another round of fun and free puroresu videos to stave off boredom.

From watching a day in the life of legendary wrestlers to finding an alternative to popular joshi puroresu companies, we have more free puroresu videos to keep us entertained.
1. Jushin Liger's Morning Routine

The legendary Jushin Liger retired on January 5 in the Tokyo Dome last January. What has he been up to post-retirement? Well, Liger has the answer for us in this free video via his own YouTube Channel!
I was surprised to see that he still resides in the NJPW Dojo. The man just loves wrestling so much. We see Liger feed a frequent feline visitor, cook miso ramen with pork and cabbage, mold Godzilla figures, and much more. If you have always wanted a glimpse into Liger's life beyond the ring, this is a good place to start.
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#ThemeSongTuesday: #AndNEEEEEEEW

It finally happened.

Eleven years after he first showed up on WWE television, Drew McIntyre fulfilled his potential, slew the Beast, and became WWE Champion.

We're now all too familiar with his journey, both in the ring and out of it. So I won't go through that again here. Instead, let's talk about his music as we celebrate the first Scottish WWE Champion.

The new champ enters the ring to the Defining Moment Remix of "Gallantry," a CFO$ composition, so yes, it's a loop. Now that that's out of the way, the song itself starts off with synth bagpipes that lead to a heavy bass drum beat and a gritty guitar riff that make it feel like a fucking battle anthem. The bass drum goes so hard that it's supposed to make your heart thump and put you on edge. Combine that with the synth bagpipes and the guitars and you'll just want to gnarl your teeth and lash out at the next motherfucker who even looks at you.

It's not a bad song. In fact, it goes quite we…

The Smark Henry Pay-Per-Review: WrestleMania 36

So... how do we do this?

As we all know, the circumstances are certainly not normal. It's been like this for almost a month now: no crowds, pre-taped wrestling shows, storylines going as normal. WrestleMania 2020 is definitely one for the books, going down in history as the show where Vince McMahon—backed up against the wall, his previously-going-well XFL revival project struck by calamity once again—Pushed Through With the Big Event, Despite Many Protests. Because of these extraordinary circumstances, it will always be the center of debate. Should they have risked it? Are they noble for wanting to entertain the masses stuck at home?

We'll be talking about this question for years, I promise you. But if you want to know what I think, they should've just canceled the event. I guess that doesn't matter now.

After all that, how does one even review this show? The thing about wrestling is that while the wrestlers in the ring are a huge part of the formula, they're not …

Breaking Down SmackDown (4/3/20): Uncertainty May Be Good

The last show before this year's WrestleMania presented a huge challenge for WWE. Considering the current pandemic the world is facing, the company has been forced to compromise and cut corners in order to produce a reasonable ‘Mania card worth people’s money. Because of this, matches were announced seemingly out of nowhere to fill a surprise two-night format.
Furthering the need to tie any loose ends, the SmackDown creative team and superstars needed to pull out all the stops to generate some last-minute hype for their matches this weekend. With this context in mind, let’s run down this week’s SmackDown card and see how the blue brand looked to impress at the eve of the Showcase of Immortals. Miz TV ends with the champs on top
Miz TV opened the show and surprisingly didn’t start off with Miz and Morrison, but with the Usos. The Usos came out and cut a promo staking their claim for the gold, only to be interrupted by the New Day who cut their own promo with the same intention.
A few h…

Smark Hen-XT (4/1/20): Not TakeOver: Full Sail

This week would've given us NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay but as the whole situation is very delicate right now, WWE mentioned that they'll be holding the scheduled matches in the coming weeks instead. Honestly, I don't think the company really has a grasp of how to hold their shows in this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the company has improved the promo game, most of the matches still feel flat and every show looks like they're just trying to fill the hours. This week was no different and, even with the solid main event, I found myself not enjoying the show. (Well, maybe except for that good Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish match)

The main event was a match which was supposed to air at NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay—the three-way between Keith Lee, Dominik Dijakovic, and Damian Priest. Sadly, I wasn't too thrilled about it. I love Lee's and Dijakovic's athletic feats but for some reason, this bout didn't really click with me. It's not the lack of crowd…

#FinisherFriday (4/3/20): What Makes A Good Neckbreaker?

Welcome to another episode of #FinisherFriday! This week, I won't be highlighting any specific move, but will instead start a discussion about move efficiency.

All seasoned veterans of the squared circle have at least mastered the basic throws, grapples, and bumps needed to give the audience a stellar performance in the ring. One of those staple moves is the humble neckbreaker. It was a go-to move after Rick Rude popularized it, until it slowly faded to being just another move, like the DDT.

Although most wrestlers will now prefer to throw superkick parties and Canadian Destroyers to end matches, there is no doubt that when a wrestler understands the mechanics of a neckbreaker, he/she can use it to their advantage and win matches with it.

Now the question arises: What makes a neckbreaker a move that breaks necks?

Most wrestling connoisseurs and enthusiasts will agree that the standard neckbreaker attempts to hyperextend the neck beyond the comfortable limits of the human anatomy.…

Reviewing the Elite (4/1/20): New Belt, New Tournament, New Enemies

Hello there, my Dynamates. We’ve got another empty arena edition of AEW Dynamite for you but I’m here to report that this week’s installment was much better than the previous episode.

Thanks to a new undisclosed taping location, the company was able to put some of their unused wrestlers in the audience again, making for a livelier episode with some unique spots that could only be done in these kinds of shows. We also had some quality wrestling in this episode, including a 19-minute banger between Kenny Omega and Trent that is a must-watch. Finally, we had some of the most entertaining video packages we’ve seen from this company yet, one of which features Chris Jericho unleashing cute dogs on a drone.

It’s clear that last week’s episode was a rough patch for the company since they basically had to start from scratch after their Blood and Guts event was delayed. Now that they have presumably taped several episodes in a row from a new location, it seems that AEW has found its footing ag…

Ruthless Roundtable: WWE WrestleMania 36

It’s WrestleMania season! Or at least it would be if COVID-19 didn’t send the world to a screeching halt and force everyone to stay home. But why are we still talking about WrestleMania, you ask? Because its 36th iteration is still going down starting on Sunday (Manila Time) live in front of an empty arena for two nights. Doesn’t it sound like a recipe for disaster?

But hey, it’s happening, and no one can stop it, apparently. So yo boy #NitPickRick rattled the Smark Henry offices (from home) and gathered a bunch of opinionated people to talk about WrestleMania 36. We got the boss man Stan Sy, the inevitable Tito Enzo Tanos, the most must-see NXT reviewer The Migz, and newbloods Jacob Tambunting (SmackDown) and Steven Maxwell Tan (NJPW). Let’s do this!
Welp, the crowdless WrestleMania 36 is indeed happening. Thoughts?
Stan: I’ll give WWE credit for attempting to provide us with some entertainment despite the pandemic. That said, I can’t help but also feel like it’s all for the sake of the…