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EXCLUSIVE: Jan Evander vs. GrabCamus for the AOW Championship at PWR Mabuhay ang Wrestling

Extra! Extra! Read all about it because you will hear it here first: Newly-minted All Out War Champion Jan Evander will face his first major test: Mr. Ubusan ng Lahi himself, GrabCamus, at PWR Mabuhay ang Wrestling

Yes, of course, you’re reading that right. Why the hell would I lie to you? GrabCamus will indeed receive his first-ever singles title shot in PWR at the first live event of 2020. He ended the calendar year by surviving Koponan Tutan and making everyone know that GrabCamus has arrived (pun definitely intended). Now, he’s looking to start the year right by trying to bring home the first singles title for the Naughty Boys, something Kapitan Tutan failed to do last year.

Meanwhile, Jan Evander also ended 2019 on a high note by winning the AOW Championship from the formidable Martivo. By fulfilling his promise to clean the championship from all the fluff, Evander just made the AOW title scene a lot more dangerous. And with the AB3-powered Endgame by his side, there’s no saying …
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Reviewing the Elite (1/15/20): Eye Like This Show

Talk about a blast from the past! This week’s Bash at the Beach-themed AEW Dynamite was a throwback to the old days of WCW and I mean that in a good way. The beach aesthetic was pretty cool, as was seeing the commentators and ring announcer Justin Roberts in those goofy Hawaiian shirts. Cody even cosplayed as a Miami Vice character so that was fun (I never watched that show, don’t @ me with corrections).
But we’re not here to talk about beaches, Nico, how was the show? Real good. This was a pretty fun show with one huge flaw that we’re going to get to… right now because it was worse than anything on RAW. Yes, even the Lana/Rusev stuff.
A Never-Ending Nightmare

God, I hate the Nightmare Collective. I regret ever saying this angle was interesting and the fact that this is the biggest story in the women’s division is the worst thing ever, especially since some of the talent involved are pretty good.

Not that you’d know it from this match. The Nightmare Collective, consisting of Brandi Rh…

#FinisherFriday (1/17/20): Rainmaker

Welcome to another edition of #FinisherFriday! This is Wreddit_Regal finally covering the finisher you guys have actually wanted for so long.

If Hiroshi Tanahashi wasn't around anymore, then the title of "Ace of New Japan" would undoubtedly be given to Toru Yano Kazuchika Okada. Ever since Gedo pulled the trigger on him and put that hefty IWGP gold on his waist, Okada has been putting five-star match after five-star match, to the point of breaking Dave Meltzer's own five-star rating system: having been graded the first 6-star rating for his match with Kenny Omega on Dominion 6.11.

Repressing his Okato days in TNA, the current iteration of Okada looks and feels money. From his gimmick, to his wrestling psychology, to his aura of sophistication, it can be argued that he took NJPW to a whole new era of wrestling glory.

Okada has such a versatile moveset that you cannot place his fighting style in a specific category. But what makes him stand out from the rest of the wr…

Smark Hen-XT (1/15/20): Tag Teams On Top

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continued this week and the remaining first-round matches stole the show for different reasons. We had the official team debut of the Bro-serweights (Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne), plus the reunion of the Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA).

First of all, if we're talking match of the night, I'd give it to the Bro-serweights vs. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. They had the most death-defying exchanges I've ever seen. Surprisingly, Riddle and Dunne worked great together as a unit. And while I still expect a swerve somewhere down the line, part of me wishes they keep teaming up for a bit because the skits they can produce would be hilarious.

For the other DRTTC match, it wasn't the match itself that got everybody's attention. Neither was it because of Alex Shelley's return to the ring and debut on NXT. Rather, it was how the Time Splitters reunion was cut short. I'm actually surprised they gave the victory to the …

Theme Song Tuesday: I Hear Voices In My Head

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you! Theme Song Tuesday is back after a long hiatus! There was a time when I relied on the new releases from WWE Music on Spotify for the entries on this column. But since they stopped uploading the newer entrance themes, I found it harder to find full copies of them, which made it more difficult to maintain this column. Luckily, I found myself going through a treasure trove of non-WWE (or even older WWE) entrance themes on Spotify over the holidays, so I've found a new set of songs to write about.

I thought I'd start with an oldie but goodie for the first TST of 2020. I honestly can't believe that this next song has been around for over a decade at this point, especially since I'm old enough to remember Randy Orton's old theme. The thing about Orton—and his theme—is that he's been around this long that it's so easy to get tired of him, particularly when he's not booked very well.

I wasn't particularly thrilled to s…

The Grapevine (1/13/20): Join the Broken Order

Welcome to the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the week. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt!

With his WWE contract coming up soon, do we know where Matt Hardy is headed?

Matt Hardy may be going to AEW as the eventual leader of the Dark Order. There is speculation that Hardy, whose contract expires on March 1, will be revealed as the mystery figurehead of the group. WWE passed on an opportunity to reintroduce his Woken character, and AEW is currently teasing a leader for the Dark Order who seems to fit Hardy's mannerisms. (Source: WON)We say: Definitely would be an interesting turn for Matt Hardy, but are fans still really looking for the Broken/Woken gimmick, which may have already jumped the shark after two iterations in two different companies? Although it doesn't say that he would have to revert to that if he joins AEW, we can only hope…

SmackDown RunDown (1/10/20): Be Jealous!

This ain’t no make believe, people. John Morrison is definitely back in WWE. And while I’m disappointed that he didn’t declare himself “Johnny SmackDown,” he still made up for it by re-aligning with The Miz. They even did the best tag team of the 21st century bit from the glory days of the Dirt Sheet. They should’ve at least said their catchphrase, but the message of their promo was clear: The Miz is heel now and we should all be jealous of his accomplishments.

And if their reunion wasn’t enough, they managed to rope in Kofi Kingston and Big E into the mix. They finally touched on Kofi’s inaction to chase for the WWE Championship, which is something every heel should have targeted months ago. And while Kofi just brushed it off, I really hope this JoMiz vs. New Day rivalry continues to explore this well of character development. Imagine the promos these two teams will cut against each other.

The story practically writes itself: Miz and Kofi practically walked the same career path and are…

Smark Hen-XT (1/8/20): When Worlds (Slightly) Collide

NXT has bounced back from last week's disappointing episode by giving us yet another fully loaded show with lots of big matches and hot storylines. I appreciate how they did NXT vs. NXT UK as early as this show because everything feels so fresh. Honestly, I could get used to this setup.

The show opened with a confrontation involving the biggest female Superstars on the NXT and NXT UK rosters. Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley's interaction was a callback to their history dating back to the Mae Young Classic and NXT UK and it set up what could be a champion vs. champion match at Worlds Collide. However, the nostalgia was cut short when four other women would storm the ring.

NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, and Candice LeRae all stormed the ring to set-up a solid six-woman tag team match that also showed hints of things to come. We got some tension between Io Shirai and Bianca Belair, which could lead to a small feud. As for the NXT Women's Champio…

#FinisherFriday (1/10/20): Crossfire

Welcome to another episode of #FinisherFriday! This is Wreddit_Regal bringing you my take on a finisher that shouldn't be done, as much as I like how it looks.

It's a little-known fact that there was a "clone" of AJ Styles in his early years, from his attire down to his wrestling moves. That clone was Jason Cross. True enough, the NWA Wildside and TNA crowds saw a six-foot guy running and jumping inside and outside the ring, with the same finesse as the Phenomenal One:

As athletic as he was, he never made it as big as his counterpart. But the hardcore NWA fans remember him a lot, especially his finisher:

Yes, that's a big pain in the arse if you ask me.

This move deals more damage to the performer than to their opponent. The same goes for Booker T's Harlem Hangover:

These types of moves deal an enormous amount of damage to the performer's lumbar spine, in the form of disc degeneration and compression fractures (in Booker T's case, add some damage to …

Reviewing the Elite (1/8/20): Total Nonstop Angles

Ain’t that a triggering title? “Total Nonstop Angles Nico? Are you saying this episode of AEW Dynamite felt like an episode of TNA?” Well, if I had to be truthful, this week’s Dynamite installment did feel like they crammed too many ideas in one episode like the older Impact installments of yore. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.
This was definitely an entertaining episode of Imp-sorry, Dynamite, and one that focused on angles more than most. Don’t worry, there was still a ton of good wrestling in the show and the storylines make sense, for the most part, but the episode also doubled down on things some fans don’t like about AEW, namely The Dark Order and Brandi Rhodes’s Nightmare Collective.
We also got an odd sense of deja vu since almost every wrestler who appeared last week was also in this episode. AEW is usually pretty good at rotating their talent for each episode, making sure no one is overexposed. However, seeing Cody, Kenny Omega, Dustin Rhodes, Sammy Guevara, and MJF i…