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MWF Republika: Full Card Shaping Up For June 10 Show

What's more indie than Independence Day? Some good old-fashioned indie wrestling, that's what.
Two months after the Manila Wrestling Federation formally made its promising debut, Commissioner Mike Shannon's gang of feisty upstarts has its sights locked onto the Independence Day weekend with its second show announced for June 10.
Dubbed MWF Republika, it's another five-match card starring the company's lean but capable roster in a variety of confrontations.
Let's go through the announced match-ups one by one.

Ang Hamon Ni Gigz Stryker (1-0)
Hot off his scintillating career-opening victory at MWF Live, the charismatic throwback Gigz Stryker has his sights set on some slightly better talent than the slow-witted goon dispatched against him by MWF's smarmy CFO Gus Queens in his maiden outing.

On the one hand, he's got the high-flying daredevil Robin Sane, owner of one of the country's prettiest aerial offenses, and the only wrestler to have pulled off a …
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Tanghalan Ng Kampeon: Brand-New PWR Championship Belt Officially Unveiled

The rumors were true.

Hot off the heels of a pair of cryptic tweets posted by PWR President Jake De Leon on social media last night, the pioneering brand behind the country's pro wrestling revival officially unveiled a completely new refresh of the iconic PWR Championship at PWR Live: Resbak.

Currently worn by the popular Fil-Am warrior Chris Panzer, the entirely new belt design marks a clear signpost in the ongoing resurgence set off by Bagong Yugto earlier in 2017.

"The belt represents the next step of PWR's evolution as we continue to leave our mark as the country's premier wrestling promotion," stated PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, in an exclusive interview with Smark Henry. "The PWR Championship symbolizes the best our country has to offer, so it's only right that it be reflected in the title."

Sporting some intricate detailing paying homage to various Filipino cultural tropes, the new PWR Championship is both elegant and masculine. Its powerful …


The Filipino #SummerOfWrestling just won't quit, and for everyone who couldn't make it to the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's latest outing, PWR Live: Resbak, we've got full results for y'all.

Match #1: "The Canadian Dragon" Zayden Trudeau vs. "The Fighting Gamer" Vintend∅
Canadian newcomer Zayden Trudeau took on the reformatted, rebooted, returning Vintend∅, who looks to have lost tons of weight and appears more streamlined in the ring.

"The Canadian Dragon" took home his maiden win with Desolé, a spin-out wrist-trapped waistlock into a vicious short-arm lariat.

Winner: Zayden Trudeau via pinfall

Match #2: SANDATA vs. "The Kakaibro" Kh3Ndrick

The rookie parade continued, with the selfie-obsessed Kh3Ndrick facing a baptism of fire against the fiery veteran SANDATA.

Over-confidence spelled doom for "The Kakaibro," with his groupie-focused antics leading to Ang Huling Bala—a Busaiku Knee—from the masked Hul…

PWR To Debut New Championship At Resbak?

Could a brand new belt be on its way to the Philippine Wrestling Revolution?


Just a month after the company finally unveiled its brand new red-and-blue Tag Team Championships, some cryptic tweets by PWR President "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon suggest that yet another new belt may be making an addition to the championship lineup.

Time to pick up a belt — Jake De Leon (@SenyoritoJDL) May 27, 2017
This is a bigass belt — Jake De Leon (@SenyoritoJDL) May 27, 2017
De Leon's Twitter has been a great source for company scoops in the past, such as when he famously teased the new tag belts a day before they officially debuted.

While details are scant, we figure there are two possible ways PWR could be going with this.

The first (and most exciting to us!) would be a complete refresh of Chris Panzer's newly-won PWR Championship.

Having debuted in 2015, the belt, while dignified in its own way, sticks out like a sore thumb compared to other championships …

PWR Live: Resbak—We Want Weapons

With PWR Live: Resbak looming, one of the main reasons that the PWR faithful are eagerly counting down the days is the All Out War match between the Deadly Sinns and the Fighters 4 Hire. What makes things even more interesting is that Mike Madrigal openly invited fans in attendance to bring weapons to be used for the match. Of course, this was a challenge readily accepted.

Barring the obviously stupid choices of firearms and bladed weapons, we here at Smark Henry would like to offer up our own suggestions for possible options of maximum mayhem. We find that such a match would not be complete without the jolly good fun that armaments and weaponry would bring.

A Very Particular Young Boy (Only in a pro wrestling context would it be borderline okay to suggest using a Young Boy as a weapon in a match. Had to get that out of the way.)

We're not talking about just any Young Boy, we're talking about this one.

The PWR faithful have noticed this Young Boy's very useful skill…

Chino Guinto: When All That Glitters Is...

If you told any PWR fan a year ago that Chino Guinto, the self-proclaimed Golden Boy, would become a PHX Champion, they would probably just scoff it off as musings of a crazy individual with such crazy accusations. But, my, how times have changed.

For most of his career, Chino has primarily served as just player of one of the most popular acts in the history of PWR, the green-clad and money-minded team known as The Network. No strangers to getting loud, supportive reactions from the crowd, whatever the Network boss, James "Idol" Martinez, Chino Guinto, and Alexander Belmonte III did was always bound to leave a lasting impression.

But in the span of just over a year, we witnessed an unexpected revelation that sent fans on a wild journey from downline to a widely accepted champion, and that's despite how much of a douchebag the Hotshot Hustler can be. He went on to compete in highlight-worthy matches, had rivalries with different personalities, made an impression in the b…

The NXT Grapevine, June 2017

We're fresh off another epic NXT TakeOver—which means it's time for another round of tapings! TakeOver: Chicago caused some major shakeups, and fans are already getting pumped for the next one when NXT returns to Brooklyn in August. The first set of tapings are in, and we can already see the start of NXT's next big rivalries.

Once again, we'll put our usual SPOILER WARNING here. The matches you'll see below have yet to be aired, so don't scroll down if you don't want to be spoiled. Also, these tapings sometimes go through heavy changes before the on-air product is released, so there may be matches and segments that won't be seen.


Airing May 31: Tommaso Ciampa kicks off the show in crutches. He explains his attack on Johnny Gargano by saying that he didn't want to become an afterthought due to his injury, since that would allow Johnny to shine on his own. Ciampa puts everyone on notice, saying that he'll be the most dangerou…

My Family Banned Me From Wrestling: My Indefinite Hiatus After Wrevolution X

Editor's note: This article is a guest contribution from PWR wrestler Nicole Le Saux, better known in the ring as Nina.

Hey, it’s Nicole. Nicole Le Saux. Don’t adjust your, whatever devi—oh, are we not doing that? Okay. Never mind. Hello! I’m Nicole from The Wrestling Gods, also known as Nina from the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR). Allow me to tell you all a story about both the best and worst day of my life happening in the same week. If you’re interested, of course. Emotions ran unbelievably high during the weekend of Wrevolution X 2017 as I made my debut on the pre-show against Bolt. I play the mean girl on that stage but what the audience didn’t get to see was that the moment I stepped foot behind the curtain after the match, I dropped to my knees and broke down in tears, overwhelmed with joy and relief. I don’t cry out of happiness. I honestly can’t remember the last time I ever did prior to the show. I guess it was the weight of all the accumulated stress, sacrifice, fr…