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We've Got A New King of the Ring

For those hoping that one of the good guys, the oppressed underdogs would take home this year's outta-nowhere King of the Ring tournament, I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

That's right: Bad News Barrett beat Neville to become the 2015 King of the Ring in today's WWE Network-only live special.

The bareknuckle brawler withstood another impressive barrage of offense from the Man That Gravity Forgot in what was also a hot rematch of their bout from last Sunday's Extreme Rules kickoff. Barrett worked on Neville's midsection, hurt earlier in his semifinal match against Sheamus. Neville had Barrett in position for the Red Arrow, but Barrett managed to evade it and stick a particularly ferocious Bullhammer on Neville.

Barrett also defeated Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth to make it to the finals, while Neville defeated Luke Harper and Sheamus, with a little help from Ziggler.

Here's to hoping that this signals a true renaissance for Barrett, who's been held back from promising pushes by both injuries and ridiculous midcard booking.

Photos from 411Mania and Cageside Seats


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