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Brock Lesnar Is Advertised For RAW This June

The Mayor of Suplex City is coming home!

Brock Lesnar has been announced on as appearing on RAW beginning June 22 in Indianapolis until July, but no further than that. While things are always subject to change, Brock being officially advertised on the website is as legit as legit could be.

For those who've already forgotten, Brock was indefinitely suspended (but not fired) after running amok and, among other things, delivering a bone- and logic-shattering F-5 to Michael Cole.

As it stands, Brock still has a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that he can cash in, and appearing for only one month probably means that he'll only be back to tie up that loose end.

Are y'all excited to have the Beast Incarnate back? Who do you think should he face after dealing with Rollins? A Reigns rematch, maybe? A brand-new feud? Let us know!


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