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Chris Hero: I Wasn't Fired Because Of My Weight

Indy wrestler and former NXT Superstar Chris Hero had an AMA on Reddit yesterday to promote two events for SMASH Wrestling (the latter show in which he'll be facing Samoa Joe in the main event) and an unprecedented "Infinity Gauntlet," where he will wrestle a Gauntlet match that's as long as fans' donations make it. All proceeds from the shows will be donated to ALS Canada, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting the disease.

Naturally, some of the questions gravitated to the elephant in the room (no pun intended): Chris's increasing weight and the allegations that he was fired from NXT because of it. He says that couldn't be further from the truth.

"In developmental you're weighed every Monday," Chris states in his answer. "You're told it's not so much about a 'number' than it is a certain look. At my fittest in WWE I weighed in at 197 (I was typically in the 220 range and had just finished a juice fast). This was a month before I was terminated which makes it ABSURD that some cling on to the rumor that I was let go because I was LAZY and SKIPPING WORKOUTS."

Photo from Shitloads of Wrestling

In fact, the reason is quite different, and quite simple. "I wasn't able to find enough people that genuinely felt I had it," he says in an answer to a different question. "Wrestling is art. Art is perspective. There was also the thought that I was too set in my ways to change how I did things. I obviously didn't agree with this thought."

He adds that it was actually hard to gain weight down at the Performance Center due to the sheer amount of training and shows they had. He also confirmed that he was benched in 2013 in order to get him to work out more and look better.

Chris does, however, acknowledge that he's put on weight since then. "My weight was on a slow incline for the first 9-10 months I was back. I threw my back out last summer (brutal back spasms— muscular, nothing spinal or disc related). This took a long while to rehabilitate from. I only took one booking off and maintained a full schedule of 10ish shows a month."

He also discloses a "mild" thyroid condition that he has, which he says is messing his body up. His body, apparently, doesn't make it as easy as "calories in vs. calories out."

Finally, Chris says he doesn't mind the fat-shaming. "With wrestling I also quote Jimmy Jacobs: 'If it's good, it's good,'" he says. "Same goes for humor [with] me. If it's funny, it's funny. I don't mind being the butt of jokes. I'm often laughing at myself. I'm clearly okay being in the public eye. I don't feel the need for exterior validation. It's nice to have but, at the end of the day, I have to be happy with myself."

There you have it, folks. For those who thought Chris Hero was letting himself go, the truth isn't as simple. We're glad to see that Chris is not only taking action, but also that he's pretty chill about himself while still being one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. That's what matters, at the end of the day.

The SMASH Kicks ALS event also features, other than Chris and Samoa Joe, Matt Cross (Son of Havoc), Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Veda Scott, and a whole lot more. If, by any chance, you'd like to donate to the cause, you can do so at this page. You can follow Chris Hero on Twitter at @thechrishero.


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