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#FixItFriday: How Do We Fix Bo Dallas?

For those who know it from the Smark Gilas-Pilipinas community, we're bringing back #FixItFridays here on Smark Henry. The premise is simple: we ask you how to fix someone or something, and you tell us your ideas.

Comment right here on this post, and we'll round up the best ideas later this weekend!


  1. Overpush him that's how the gimmick started. He was hated so much in NXT they started cheering for the nameless jobbers against him ("LET'S GO THIS GUY" chants is still one of the best things ever)

  2. Have him join the New Day as the out-of-place white guy, in a little tribute to Owen Hart's run with the Nation of Domination. Their personalities already match, you wouldn't need to change much at all.

    "Enough is enough.... and it's time to BOLIEVE!"

  3. Give him a vicious submission hold, the Bo Breaker. Have him use it to convert victims into Bolievers until he builds up an army of brainwashed cultists. Build him up to eventually feud with Bray Wyatt in a battle of cults.

  4. Have him join the new day since these men have the same (if not similar) type of gimmick. And call it "The Bo Day" (if you know what I mean. LOL).

  5. Oh dear, just something that came to my mind -- a feud or any collaborative storyline with his brother will do. Bray Wyatt. :)

  6. I have 2 ideas.

    1. Make him a part of a new Wyatt Family.

    2. Feud him with Cena and give him the US title.


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