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Here's What Rusev Really Said Last Night

The controversy stemming out of last night's I Quit Match for the U.S. title is that Rusev never really said the words "I Quit," as it was Lana who threw in the towel for him. Speculations arose from that finishing sequence on how the company would play the finish up on RAW; the company is playing up the fact that Lana was kayfabe translating Rusev's words, while others argue that the psychology is inconsistent because Rusev was able to say the words "I Quit"—in English—at the beginning of the match, when he asked the ref to ask Cena.

We finally have an answer. As always, whether it's in English, Russian, or Bulgarian, there are a lot of different ways to say you surrender. A Reddit user translated everything Rusev said in the match, and here's what he said in the finish (SPOILER ALERT):

Ahhh no...ahhh I give up! Next time we will crush you! I give up! Stop! I told you! I'll crush you Cena! Damn your old mother, Cena! I will crush you! That's enough, I told you!

...We have to admit, that's actually hilarious.

The only ambiguity left now is that according to Eden Stiles, the only way to win the match is if the opponent literally says the words "I Quit." Her words, not ours. We can be dicks about it and interpret the law down to its letter, but that's not how the law really works. If Rusev, in essence, said he quits, then regardless of the language, he quit. Lana was just there to tell the referee what he couldn't understand.

Everyone knows, however, that the real crime was the referee not giving Rusev the win after he made Cena pass out.

Photo from WhatCulture


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