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Impact Wrestling Results - May Mayhem (5/29/15)

Three TNA titles were on the line—including the TNA World Title in an I Quit Match—while the Best of Five series for the vacant TNA World Tag Team Titles continued on a chaotic and action-packed May Mayhem special of Impact Wrestling.


Eric Young was shown driving to the arena to open the show. Kurt Angle was then shown waiting for him on the parking lot. The two men brawled until they were separated.

1. TNA Knockouts Championship - Six Sides of Steel Match: Taryn Terrell (w/ Marti and Jade) defeated Gail Kim via a Taryn Cutter to retain her title
- After the match, Awesome Kong headed to the ring for the Dollhouse, but the trio locked themselves in the cage and triple-teamed Gail Kim as Kong watched helplessly

In the ring, Mickie James and James Storm discussed what happened last Friday at Impact. Storm then offered James a country gig at Nashville, which Magnus' wife seemed to accept.

2. TNA X Division Championship - 7-Man Gauntlet Match: Rockstar Spud pinned champion Kenny King via a small package to win the title
- Order of entry/elimination: Spud, Manik, DJ Z, Mandrews, Argos, (1) Mandrews was eliminated by Manik, Crazy Steve, Kenny King, (2) Crazy Steve, by King, (3) Argos, by King, (4) DJ Z, by King, (5) Manik, by King
- The match started with battle royal rules, but finished as a one-fall match once there were two men left in the ring. The champion entered last.

3. TNA World Tag Team Championship Best of Five Series - Match #2: The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) def. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode
- Aries was pinned after The Wolves' combo finisher
- The Wolves are now 2-0 in the series for the vacant Tag Titles

In the ring, Angelina, with her security team in tow, confronted Velvet Sky, who was in attendance at ringside. The fired TNA Knockout had been stalking Angelina for weeks. Angelina said she'll be taken out of the arena if Velvet would lay a hand on her. But Velvet didn't care and attacked Angelina anyway, prompting her security team to handcuff Velvet!

4. Ethan Carter III def. Ken Anderson via a 1%
- Tyrus was in a cage at ringside during the match

5. TNA World Heavyweight Championship - I Quit Match: Kurt Angle def. Eric Young via the Anke Lock submission to retain the title

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