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Main Maxx Sidelined Indefinitely After Wrevolution X

Looks like we're in for less of Main Maxx for a while.

Sharp-eyed observers at PWR's Wrevolution X show last Saturday noted that Main Maxx, the designated enforcer of the Royal Flush, was uncharacteristically absent during "Classical" Bryan Leo's successful cash-in of his PWR Championship shot against "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon. Maxx came out to join his stablemates only afterwards for the post-match celebration with an apparent injury to his left arm.

Sources report that the injury, initially thought to be a shoulder sprain, may instead be a type 1 pectoralis major tear, a condition that may take up to a year to heal.

We learned that Main Maxx initially sustained the injury during his Last Man Standing match against the Apocalypse while attempting to lift his 289-pound opponent for his Blitzkrieg finisher. The injury was further aggravated during the ensuing crowbar assault by his masked opponent.

Main Maxx is scheduled to undergo an MRI this afternoon to confirm the diagnosis, but the current outlook is pessimistic. As of press time, our request for an official statement from the Royal Flush has gone unanswered.

Our thoughts go out to Main Maxx as he deals with this latest challenge to his professional wrestling career. Well-wishes and messages of support may be sent to his official Twitter (@SilentRagePWR) and Facebook accounts.

Photos by Hub Pacheco


[UPDATE as of 11:05pm, 5/25/15] The following was posted on the official Facebook page of "Classical" Bryan Leo. So there's that. 


  1. "As of press time, our request for an official statement from the Royal Flush has gone unanswered."

    If an official statement needs to be requested from the Royal Flush instead of PWR management, does this mean that it's just a storyline? I sure hope so, and that nothing serious happened to Main Maxx.

    Best wishes to Main Maxx on his health and recovery.

    1. Bryan Leo posted on his social media re: Maxx's health situation. It doesn't look good from what we're hearing.


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