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'Classical' Bryan Leo: I was the smartest man at Wrevolution X

At PWR Wrevolution X, "Classical" Bryan Leo staged a heist of royal proportions.

After finally taking care of Mayhem Brannigan at the start of the show (and getting a future PWR Title shot in the process), Bryan Leo crashed the party of inaugural PWR Champion "Senyorito" Jake de Leon at the main event.

Leo then cashed in his newly-earned title shot and snatched the belt away from JDL.

Smark Henry caught up with the second-ever PWR Champion to talk about his controversial Wrevolution X victories, the Royal Flush sans Main Maxx, and all other things he thinks we should know.

Smark Henry: Champ, first off, congratulations on your win at Wrevolution X.

"Classical" Bryan Leo: Thank you.

SH: But your win is not without controversy.

CBL: Controversy? In what way?

SH: Your win came after the first PWR Champion was crowned: "Senyorito" Jake de Leon, who beat Bombay Suarez to become the inaugural champion. Then you came along.

CBL: The right man walked out with the belt. It's as simple as that! Like I said, the company deserves to have the best wrestler as PWR champion, and he's holding it right now.

SH: Isn't it opportunistic, because JDL and Bombay had a great battle...

CBL: Of course, it's opportunistic, I'm not denying that. But you know, sometimes, you've got to take whatever opportunities that are laid in front of you. It was a smart man's game. In the world of pro wrestling, you have to be the strongest, you have to be the fastest, you have to have the most flash. You just have to be the smartest if you want to survive, and that's what I was. That evening, I was the smartest man on the planet.

SH: Was that the plan all along? To cash it in as soon as you had the opportunity?

CBL: The plan was for me to win the belt as soon as I could. And it was that evening. The moment that Mr. Sy gave me the opportunity, I took it. And now, I'm sitting here with the title.

SH: But near the end of the match, the Royal Flush got involved. Someone from Smark Henry noted that you have a lot of moves in your arsenal. Wasn't that enough?

CBL: It's not that it wasn't enough. I want to spare JDL and Bombay the extreme pain I would've dealt him by myself. And just to make things a little bit easier for me, it wouldn't have hurt to have my good friend John Sebastian get involved.

SH: Can't you do it on your own?

CBL: Sure I could! But I didn't want to.

SH: Why?

CBL: I just came out of a very hard, long-fought battle with Mayhem Brannigan. The way I saw it, it was going to be 2-on-1 anyways if I got involved, 'cause Bombay Suarez was still in the ring. If John Sebastian was not around to help to even the odds, I might have been double-teamed again like I've been in the last few shows.

If you recall correctly, the tag team match [at Terminus], it was basically 3-on-2, when Apocalypse got involved. In the last show [Vendetta], while the odds did kind of get in my favor for a little while, it still wound up being a handicap match throughout some of the parts.

The way I see it, it was just me making even the odds [at Wrevolution X]. It was two of them in the ring, so I have to bring somebody out with me.

SH: Some see it as unfair, because Bombay might not get involved at all.

CBL: Well, we don't know that for sure. Nobody knew that Apocalypse would get involved in the tag team match [at Terminus] but he did. The same way nobody knew I was gonna cash in my title shot right there and then [at Wrevolution X], but I did.

SH: But John Sebastian made the first attack, not them, if I remember correctly.

CBL: Yes, but once again, we live in an opportunistic world. Do what you have to do to get on top, and I will do what I have to do to stay on top.

SH: What if it happened to you? What if you're the one being cashed in on, you're the first PWR Champion and you were the one being cashed in on?

CBL: I think the person would be pretty stupid for trying that.

On Mayhem and the Iron Man Match

SH: Here's another what-if question: What if Mayhem Brannigan interfered in that main event?

CBL: Well, that would've been a big disaster. But thankfully, because I won the Iron Man Match, Mayhem Brannigan is not allowed to come anywhere near me for 365 days. So I don't have to worry about him for a long time. The way I see it, I'm as good as gold. I can sleep well in the evening now.

SH: What if, Mayhem is also smart enough to go around that stipulation and find a loophole?

CBL: How's he gonna find a loophole in that? I think it's pretty cut and dry: for 365 he can't come anywhere near me.

SH: Two words, champ: Brannigan Brigade.

CBL: Two words for you: Royal Flush.

SH: Since we're talking about the Iron Man Match, some critics say that your battle with Mayhem was kind of "underwhelming."

CBL: I've heard some of those criticisms, yeah. Well, I gave the best I could give, I always do. I'm pretty sure Mayhem brought everything he could. In the end, you know, it's people's opinion, if they felt it underwhelming or what not. It doesn't change the fact that Mayhem Brannigan, despite the fact that I don't like him, is actually a very good performer, very passionate at what he does in the ring, and as am I.

I don't know if I am the best wrestler in the company. But to me it doesn't matter, because all that matters is I walked out that evening as the PWR Champion. And I finished off Mayhem to boot. I am the first man to beat Mayhem Brannigan, I'm proud of that, and people should be admiring me for it.

SH: Here's another what-if question: What if Mayhem won the Iron Man Match, and the Royal Flush had to disband?

CBL: That wouldn't... well, I never really took that into consideration because I was so confident I could take Mayhem out. I never really though that that would happen. But, I'll answer your question: if ever it did, I'd still find a way to hold the belt that's with me right now.

SH: Can you survive without the Royal Flush?

CBL: Sure I can. But the way I see it, it's just creating opportunity for a lot of the guys on the roster. Being a part of the Flush is a big step-up in the company. If you're in the Flush, you're something. That's a fact. John Sebastian is something. Main Maxx is something. And I'm telling you, Scarlett definitely is something.

The Royal Flush at Wrevolution X: Main Maxx, Scarlett, Bryan Leo, and John Sebastian. Photo by Hub Pacheco

Main Maxx and the Fate of the Royal Flush

SH: We broke it on Smark Henry that Main Maxx would be sidelined indefinitely. How is he now? Do you have any updates?

CBL: Well, you saw how brutal that [Last Man Standing] match was. Maxx wanted to do it on his own, that was fine. I don't know if it was the smartest thing to do, but he want to do it on his own. And I gave him that opportunity.

It could have gone either way. It was pretty brutal. Everything except the kitchen sink was used in that match. And honestly I'm surprised that he was able to walk out on his own. He's a tough guy, I'm sure he's gonna come back as soon as he can. Until then, he's gotta have to rest up and get better.

In the end, Apocalypse is gonna get what's coming to him sooner or later.

SH: Is the door open for Main Maxx when he returns?

CBL: The door is always open for Main Maxx. He's my Perfect 10. There's no one taking his place.

SH: When you say there's no one taking his place, there would be no temporary replacement or any addition to the Royal Flush?

CBL: Well, I didn't say there wouldn't be any addition. I choose my members very carefully. Once again, I still got an ace up my sleeve and I'll reveal that when I'm ready to.

SH: Can you give us a clue on who could it be? From the roster or from the bootcamp?

CBL: I've been scouting somebody for a while and I'm very interested in him joining the Flush. And for now, let me just say you could put a hashtag on that.

SH: We'll tweet that some other time.

On John Sebastian and Scarlett

SH: What can you say about John Sebastian? How is his performance lately?

CBL: Well, the reviews from Rappler came in: 3rd best match of the evening, right? And that says something because John Sebastian is a really great worker. Still very young, still brave to try to grab that "brass ring." And he still has a lot to prove.

I'm telling you, the man really is the jack of all trades. "Cutthroat" John Sebastian is the future of PWR. Keep an eye out for him. I guarantee you.

SH: So is he a great addition to the Flush?

CBL: Definitely. One of the best things to ever happened to the Flush was me recruiting John Sebastian. He's a good kid. And I'm telling you now, if you see his performance now, it's only gonna keep getting better and better and better. He's still got a lot to work on but the fact that he's as good as he is now only proves that the sky's the limit for him.

SH: Oh yeah, I forgot about Scarlett. What could you say about her?

CBL: First off all, you can never forget about Scarlett. Second of all, Scarlett is actually training very hard lately and I guarantee you sooner or later, she will make her mark in the ring.

But right now, I'm very happy to have her by my side. She's a very intelligent woman, very strong, independent, and is somebody that really represents everything a woman should be.

What's Next For The Champ?

SH: Let's address the title. So, what's next for the champ?

CBL: What's next for me? Keep shining the belt. I'm proud to be the company's champion, no doubt. It was such an honor to win it that evening. One of the greatest moments of my life was winning the PWR Title.

SH: Who do you think would be your next challenger?

CBL: Well, I'm not really sure, to be honest. I see a lot of people deserving to face me. But I don't know if that's up to me. I would love to give someone like Ken Warren a shot at the belt, definitely. But it wouldn't surprise me if someone like Bombay Suarez or Jake de Leon are gunning to come take it. Also, you cannot forget about Chris Panzer. He's probably gunning for it after beating Ken Warren.

SH: Two of them would most likely be the first ones to challenge you for the title: JDL and Bombay Suarez. Are you ready to face them, after what you did at Wrevolution X?

CBL: Look, I'm the only man to ever beat Mayhem Brannigan. I'm the only man to beat Jake de Leon twice! Bombay Suarez has never beaten me. The one match we had ended in a draw. The last match [at Vendetta], he didn't pin me on his own, it was a three-on-two and became a two-on-one very quickly.

I am not afraid of Bombay Suarez nor JDL, and I have no problem accepting their challenge.

SH: What if your greatest foe, Mayhem, somehow finds a way?

CBL: Once again, stipulation says, for 365 days, he is not gonna touch me. So I'm not worrying about Mayhem Brannigan right now.

SH: How about a year later, when that's stipulation's up?

CBL: I got one year to not think about it.

SH: What if someone from the Royal Flush challenges you for the title?

CBL: Well, as deserving as they may be to have it, I think they're smart enough to know that it's best to keep it within the family right now. We don't want to cause dissolution within the Flush. So as long as one of us has it, that's great. I don't think anyone's gonna try to be selfish right now.

SH: Finally, what's your message to those who would like to challenge you for the belt and become the next PWR Champion?

CBL: To those of you who don't know, you should know it takes a lot of work to become where I am right now. So I suggest you work for your future, train hard. But just so you know, you're only winning the belt if I'm not holding it.

And believe me when I say it is for your own good.

(Featured thumbnail photo by Hub Pacheco.)


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