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PWR Power Rankings: Part 1 (5/19/15)

The biggest show in Philippine wrestling history is just four days away, as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution presents Wrevolution X on May 23rd at the Makati Square Arena. And so the Smark Henry Power Ranking Committee (of one) took one last look at the full roster of talents and tells you who's hot, who's not, and who to look out for.

Rankings are based on overall win-loss record, but we took strength of schedule into consideration, as well as the existing winning (or losing) streak of each grappler. Putting up a good showing against main event talent matters as much as squashing jobbers, so to speak.

This list only considers primarily singles competitors, sorry, Kanto Terror fans—the pride of Kanto Tinio Street, Mandaluyong has been more interested in his Beer Promdi tag team lately than laying the smack down in a one-on-one career, so SPOILER ALERT!, you won't be seeing him here.

Let's get to it.


John Sebastian (0-2)
Current Streak: Lost 2

If there were power rankings for cockiness and douchebaggery, John Sebastian would be #1 on the list. For all his talent, the dude is a Grade-A jerk. Unfortunately, the gifted Sebastian has yet to translate his attitude into in-ring success, remaining winless thus far in his fledgling grappling career after consecutive flops against his mentor, “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon, and the diminutive Ralph Imabayashi. Hopefully his newfound alignment with the Royal Flush will light a new fire under his heels, but for now, he brings up the rear of the singles roster rankings.


Ralph Imabayashi (1-0)
Current Streak: Won 1

With just one match under his belt, the Japanese-trained Ralph Imabayashi remains an untested quantity in PWR. Despite some impressive power moves belying his pocket-sized stature, he seemed raw and tentative at moments in his ring debut against John Sebastian—rookie nerves, perhaps? In fact, some critics label his first career victory a fluke, owing as much to Sebastian’s over-confidence as it did to his signature Sonic Crusher finisher. But for now, this young man holds an unblemished record, and that’s enough to edge out an ice-cold Sebastian for the #9 spot.


Main Maxx (1-3)
Current Streak: Lost 2

The most dominant physical specimen in PWR’s young history has been wildly inconsistent despite flashes of potential. Despite the awesome firepower and devastating Blitzkrieg finisher in his arsenal, “Silent Rage” has come out on the losing end of his matches more often than not. He may dominate the promotion’s jobbers in handicap matches and run-ins, but has consistently fallen short when lined up against top talents like Mayhem Brannigan, Bombay Suarez, and “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon. But be warned, this hulking powerhouse is a beast still in the making; it’s only a matter of time until “Classical” Bryan Leo successfully fine-tunes Maxx’s talents as the designated Perfect 10 of the Royal Flush.


“The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren (1-2)
Current Streak: Lost 2

He’s magnetic, an elite athlete, a crowd-baiting showboat with charisma for days. But his immaturity tends to come to the forefront at times, as the self-proclaimed “Human Trending Topic” has too often allowed his frustration and impatience to boil over, allowing more level-headed competitors to take advantage. Ken Warren is potentially a top-three wrestler in PWR on pure talent alone, but until he learns to master the mental game to match his athletic prowess, his volatility and temper will remain to be more of a liability than an asset. #THAT


Chris Panzer (1-2)
Current Streak: Lost 1

The leader of the Panzer Army is quite possibly the most complete talent on the PWR roster, blending his quiet charisma with lethal striking skills, a solid (if underused) aerial game, and underrated submission skills into one unique, versatile package with the potential to main event PWR for years to come. His trademark Panzerschreck kick is the single most beautiful move in Philippine wrestling. The greatest foe at this point of his career is his inexperience; he's held his own against such rivals as Ken Warren, but gets downright out-wrestled when matched up against ring generals like Jake De Leon. Panzer's ceiling for greatness is unlimited, and with a bit of seasoning, will be making the leap very soon.


Disagree with the rankings? Think that Ken Warren deserves better? Leave us a comment below, and click here for our countdown from #5 to #1 in the inaugural PWR Power Rankings!

All pictures taken from the official PWR Facebook page


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