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PWR Power Rankings: Part 2 (5/20/2015)

Yesterday, as part of the Smark Henry Road to Wrevolution X, we brought you Part 1 of our official PWR Power Rankings.

Now with just three days left before Wrevolution X, we count down the top five talents on the roster to give you an idea on who's red-hot, who's ice-cold, and who's got momentum on their side heading into the biggest event in Philippine pro wrestling history.

The Smark Henry Championship Ranking Committee (of one) took three things into consideration in evaluating the PWR talent roster:

  • Overall win-loss record
  • Strength of schedule
  • Active winning (or losing) streak

Once again, this list only considers primarily singles competitors, so apologies to fans of the masked SANDATA and his world-famous smize—tag team specialists won't be popping up on this list.

Let's roll.


The Apocalypse (1-2)
Current Streak: Won 1

Seemingly impervious to pain, and with his punishing Death Bell finisher ready to send his opponents on a one-way trip to La Funeraria Paz, the monster known as The Apocalypse has felt like a lost soul at times in the PWR ring. One moment he's crushing men left and right with his trademark over-the-ropes plancha or his vaunted chokeslam, the next he's flat on his back taking yet another pinfall loss. He seems to have found new focus in his budding alliance with fellow masked warrior Mayhem Brannigan against the Royal Flush, so here's hoping this marks a fresh streak of destruction for this deadly grappler.


"Classical" Bryan Leo (1-3)
Current Streak: Lost 2

You have to hand it to the self-anointed King of the Royal Flush, "Classical" Bryan Leo talks a big game and backs it up in the ring with the most devious submission repertoire in town. His win-loss record may seem weak for a top five competitor, but the Man From The First World has only lined up against top-flight competitors, including the three men ranked ahead of him in this list. He's on a bit of a cold streak heading into his huge Iron Man showdown with Mayhem at Wrevolution X, but with the might of the Royal Flush behind him, you can never count him out, you sons and daughters of pokpoks and jeepney drivers!


Mayhem Brannigan (3-0)
Current Streak: Won 3

Mrs. Brannigan's baby boy has been on a wild journey through PWR thus far, sending jobbers to Makati Medical Center with concussions, getting fired, getting rehired, diving off 15-foot-high bleachers into a sea of attackers, trading kendo stick blows with his opponents, and using his trademark steel bat to clear the arena. Undefeated thus far in PWR, the man known as Mayhem has had his eyes locked onto one Bryan Leo since Day One, so much so that you get the feeling sometimes he cares more about settling his personal vendetta than actually being on top of PWR. Here's hoping that he can move into well-deserved championship contention after this Saturday.


“The Senyorito" Jake De Leon (4-1)
Current Streak: Won 3

Si! Si! Si! The pride of Negros Occidental and heir to Hacienda De Leon is perhaps the finest technical wrestler in the local industry today. His ring technique and generalship are impeccable, and despite his bulk, continues to amaze foes and fans alike with his soaring Hampas Lupa splash and his earth-shaking Payroll. We have yet to see "The Senyorito" truly pushed to the limit, given his recent singles outings against a raw John Sebastian and the promising Chris Panzer, so his upcoming championship match against Bombay Suarez should give us a better view on what his true potential is. Until then, balik sa trabaho, mga alipin! 


Bombay Suarez (3-0)
Current Streak: Won 3

From his early years as a backyard wrestling legend to the current-day "Heart and Soul of PWR," the fiery Bombay Suarez has truly been the standard-bearer of Philippine wrestling. Nobody quite takes a beating like this man and still comes back with his lethal collection of swinging slams, suplexes, splashes, and patented Kick of the Day to eke out a win against the toughest competition. You can't teach heart, and that's the one thing Bombay has got in spades. Both feared and revered, he's the heavy favorite to be crowned as the inaugural PWR Champion at Wrevolution X. Because nobody "kills this b*tch" like Bombay Suarez.


Disagree with the rankings? Think that Mayhem Brannigan is the bees' knees? Leave us a comment below, and we'll make sure that PWR General Manager Mr. Sy and his Board of Directors get a strongly-worded dancing telegram on your behalf.

All pictures taken from the official PWR Facebook page


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