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PWR Wrevolution X: My Night in Philippine Wrestling History

This past Saturday, May 23, 2015, in the Makati Cinema Square marked the biggest night not only in my professional wrestling career, not only in PWR’s legacy, but it was without a doubt the biggest night in Philippine Wrestling history, and it was called Wrevolution X.

The show was set to start at 7 pm but by 5 o’clock, you could already feel the electricity in the air. People by the hundreds were lining up outside waiting to get in to watch and support their favorite PWR superstars. The wrestlers backstage were feeling both anxious and excited, myself included. This would be the night where Philippine wrestling history was made. This would be the night PWR cements its legacy.

This would be the night where I would stand tall and raise that belt and hold my head high in glory after becoming the first ever PWR Champion... until my moment of glory was royally flushed down.

My moment in Philippine wrestling history.

But we're getting too ahead of ourselves. Let's start from the beginning.

Being in the locker room during a PWR event is always an intriguing experience, with all the sights and sounds that take place. You see some of the wrestlers working out their game plans, some of them do some last minute push-ups to warm up, and some of them just like to relax before going out, all amidst the background sounds of a (literally) hot crowd in attendance. I usually like to just sit down, stay quiet, and listen to the crowd while I patiently wait for my match. 

But on this night, I couldn’t sit still. Needless to say, the pressure was on and I felt it all the while until it was almost time for the championship match between myself and Bombay. I stood at the curtain trying to stop my legs from shaking.

Then my music hit, and I made my way to the ring.

As per my entrance ritual, I tried to shake the hands of everyone in attendance to thank them for coming to the show. It was no easy feat trying to shake the hands of 500 plus people. Shaking the crowd’s hands and seeing their smiling faces enjoy the show always had a calming effect on me.

As I got in the ring and tried to straighten my focus, Bombay’s music hit and, of course, he looked like he was going to kill a bitch on his way to the ring. Unluckily enough, that bitch in his sights that night would be me. But I didn't let it faze me. This was all for the biggest prize in Philippine wrestling.

During the match introductions, a ton of thoughts keep on running through my mind. What game plan does Bombay have in store? Should I start off fast and set the pace? And a lot of other things but when the championship belt was finally shown to us by referee Matt Roxas, everything became clear. I came here to beat Bombay and I came here to win the PWR championship.

The match was hard-hitting, to say the least. Bombay and I traded strikes, countered moves, landed signatures, and I even accidentally took out PWR senior official Matt Roxas (sorry, amigo). Bombay and I tore the roof off Makati Cinema Square. Chants of “Bombay,” “J-D-L,” “This is Wrestling,” and “P-W-R” filled the arena while two of PWR’s best were duking it out for the biggest prize in Philippine wrestling. 

At that final moment where I finally got Bombay up on my shoulders, dropped him to the mat, went for the cover, and heard senior official Matt Roxas groggily count 1-2-3, the place was deafening. It took me a while to fathom what just happened, but when Mr. Sy came in the ring, handed me the PWR Championship and shook my hand, tears started to roll down my face. This championship represented not only the hard work I put in, but it also represented the hard work all of the wrestlers gave for this promotion and the support of all the fans to get PWR where it is today. 

I raised the title as a champion to show everyone my thanks for their support and to make sure they saw that this wasn’t just my championship win, it was their win as well. At that moment, I was on an absolute high and within the next few minutes, I reached an absolute low.

Unfamiliar music started playing and I shot a look at Bombay who also seem perplexed. I looked to the entranceway and saw “Classical” Bryan Leo making his way to the ring. Earlier in the night, Bryan Leo won his Iron Man match against Mayhem Brannigan—which not only meant Mayhem couldn’t touch Leo for a year, but it gave Leo the chance to challenge for the PWR Championship anytime. I knew instantly that he was gunning for my championship.

I was still hurting from the match against Bombay, but I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Then suddenly from behind, John Sebastian, the Royal Flush’ Jack of all Trades (whom I prefer calling a Jack-ass), took out Bombay and took me out right after, leaving me as easy pickings for Bryan Leo. Bryan Leo demanded his title shot be granted, and Mr. Sy ordered the second championship match of the night to start, the bell rung, and Bryan Leo went straight for me. 

I fought back as hard as I could but after an exhausting match with Bombay and a sneak attack from John Sebastian, it was simply too much to overcome. I tried answering back with strikes, but they didn't seem to have as much power as they did earlier. I tried to finish Bryan Leo off with one last Alipin Drop, but he was too fresh while I was gasping for air. Then finally, one Royal Flushdown later, I became the former PWR champion and “Classical” Bryan Leo became the second-ever PWR champion.

The amount of physical pain I was in during the moment Bryan Leo pinned me for the belt was tremendous, but it paled in comparison to the pain I felt of not only losing the championship, but also letting my amigos and amigas down. When I was being carried to the locker room, it hurt hearing Bryan Leo’s name being called as the new PWR Champion, and it hurt hearing and seeing the sadness of my amigos and amigas

I'd gladly take any number of Royal Flushdowns rather than have to go through that feeling again. 

Right now, I’d like to leave this message for my amigos and amigas. I’m sorry I lost the belt and I’m sorry I let you down, but mark my words when I tell you that I will come back stronger and I will fight to get back the PWR championship for us. 

And finally, this one last message I have is for the champ, “Classical” Bryan Leo: Enjoy every single moment you have with the title, alipin, because you know that Minimum Wage and Maximum Rage is coming for you and the PWR Championship.

Salamat mga amigo kag amiga.

Photos by Hub Pacheco


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