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Ring of Honor Just Signed With Destination America, Airing Next Week

The cat’s out of the bag: Ring of Honor is moving to Destination America.

Yes, you read that right. The same Destination America that airs Impact, the same Destination America that rumors say is planning to cancel the show once its contract runs out. What’s more is that the network is also planning to air Ring of Honor on Wednesday nights as a lead-in to Impact, in a move that the network hopes could help out the ratings of both shows.

According to some TNA talents, neither they nor Dixie Carter were notified at any time before the announcement early Thursday morning, Manila time. ROH is scheduled to begin airing on Destination America next week (!) June 3.

Since there’s not that much more to the news right now, we thought we’d react a little.

Anthony says: Whoa. I actually thought that they’d be replacing TNA as the wrestling show on Destination America, but it turns out they’ll air both (for now). It’s interesting that they’re putting ROH on that Wednesday night slot, which is when WWE’s NXT and El Rey’s Lucha Underground also air. This is a very bold move, and while I can’t say if this will be a good move for Destination America, I’ll at least tune in to see how it goes. Do you realize how spoiled we are on Thursday mornings (since it’s Wednesday night in the US)? NXT, Lucha Underground, and ROH followed by TNA. That’s a lot of wrestling you can tune in to.

The interesting part here, though, is this Game of Thrones-esque plot unfolding between Destination America, TNA and ROH. We don’t know much about it, but it does look odd. What’s really going on here? Is DA sleeping with ROH because TNA is drawing in poor ratings? Does TNA have no bargaining power at all now, so DA can just do whatever they want? Having this announced just days after the rumors of DA cancelling TNA leads to speculation on ROH replacing TNA , but that may not be the case. I’m as intrigued to see how these partnerships turn out as I am to see their actual wrestling.

Romeo says: This deal reeks of shadiness. While I like that Destination America—for some reason—has become more of a channel to watch because it now has two of the best alternatives to WWE, I don’t like how it’s treating TNA. TNA’s not the best place to be, but I don’t understand what they have against them, and this feels like kicking someone while he’s down. I don’t know if ROH entered into this agreement in bad faith, but for their sake I hope they don’t get played dirty by DA as well.

On the bright side, Wednesday nights have become really loaded for fans. You’ve got NXT, Lucha Underground, Impact, AND ROH to catch. While NXT isn’t on television, it’s still arguably the most popular wrestling product on the block, and something might have to give. With NXT and LU already duking it out on the same 8 p.m. Eastern timeslot, I predict ROH won’t be staying in that Wednesday night lead-in spot for too long. It’s a great time (again) to be a wrestling fan.

What do you think? Is there something unusual going on here? Are you excited about ROH on DA? Let us know!


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