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Smark Henry Survey (5/16/2015): What Are The Greatest Finishing Moves Ever?

Who doesn't love the drama of a good finishing move, that one silver bullet in a wrestler's arsenal that announces to his audience that—boom!—the match is over?

From the Iron Sheik's legendary Camel Clutch and "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig's flawless Perfect Plex all the way to modern-day classics like Randy Orton's FROMOUTTANOWHERE RKO and Kazuchika Okada's brutal Rainmaker short-arm lariat, there are a lot of great finishers. 

But in keeping with the theme of yesterday's #FinisherFriday feature on Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp, we want to know one thing: which finishers are the absolute greatest of all? 

Leave a comment below with your top five favorite finishers, and we'll write up a report in next week's People Power survey results. 


  1. 1. Stone Cold Stunner
    2. Styles Clash
    3. Sweet Chin Music
    4. RKO
    5. Boma Ye!

  2. Double Rotation Moonsault (Ricochet)
    Red Arrow (PAC/Adrian Neville/Neville)
    Stardust Press (Tetsuya Naito)
    Shiranui (Naomichi Marufuji)
    Busaiku Knee (KENTA/Daniel Bryan)

  3. Hayabusa's Phoenix Splash
    The Stone Cold Stunner
    Shining Wizard
    Savage's Flying Elbow
    The Pepsi Plunge (only for the sheer WTF'cery)

  4. Vertebreaker (Shane Helms)
    Pedigree (Triple H)
    Glam Slam (Beth Phoenix)
    Red Arrow (Adrian Neville)
    Dudley Death Drop (Dudley Boyz)

  5. Sweet Chin Music
    Red Arrow
    Curb Stomp
    Crippler Crossface
    Tombstone Piledriver

  6. Sweet Chin Music
    Red Arrow
    Curb Stomp
    Crippler Crossface
    Tombstone Piledriver

  7. Canadian Destroyer
    Red Arrow
    450 Splash
    Double knee Gutbuster
    SC Stunner
    HM: F5, The People's Elbow, The Worm

  8. 1.) Boma Ye! (Shinsuke Nakamura)
    2.) Diving Double Foot Stump/Coup de Grace ( Prince Devitt/Finn Balor)
    3.) Styles Clash (Aj Styles)
    4.) Phoenix Splash (Kota Ibushi)
    5.) Canadian Destroyer (Petey Williams)

    Tag Team Special Move
    - More Bang for your Buck (The Young Bucks)

  9. 1.) RKO (Randy Orton)
    2.) Cradle Shock (Chris Sabin)
    3.) Sharpshooter (Bret Hart)
    4.) Sweet Chin Music (Shawn Michaels)
    5.) Ankle Lock (Kurt Angle, Ken Shamrock, Koji Kanemoto)

    Honorable Mention: Cross Armbreaker/Flying Armbar, Twist of Fate, Stunner

  10. If we're talking about historical GOATs and not personal favorites:

    1) Stone Cold Stunner
    2) Hogan Leg Drop
    3) People's Elbow
    4) Tombstone Piledriver
    5) Sharpshooter

  11. 1. Stone Cold Stunner
    2. RKO
    3. Sweet Chin Music
    4. Sharpshooter
    5. Crossface

  12. 1. Sweet Chin Music super kick
    2. Break the Walls
    3. Crippler Cross face
    4. RKO
    5. Brogue Kick

    I like swift and fast if they're not submissions :)

  13. GTS. RKO. Sweet Chin Music. Red Arrow. Jackhammer.

    HM: Pedigree. Tombstone Piledriver.

  14. Stone Cold Stunner
    Tombstone Piledriver
    Shooting Star Press

    HM: Doomsday Device for Tag Team Finishers


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