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The Dream Team Are Your 2015 Lucha World Cup Winners

The battle is over, and the results are in.

The self-styled lucha "Dream Team" of Alberto El Patron, Rey Mysterio, and Myzteziz (the former Mistico and original Sin Cara) beat seven other teams, including leyendas Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr.  to become this year's Lucha Libre World Cup winners.

The team beat Team TNA/Lucha Underground, consisting of Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Johnny Mundo (the former John Morrison) in the finals. Looking back, with a name like "Dream Team," who wouldn't expect these all-star WWE alumni to not take it home?

Rey Mysterio also dedicated the win to the late Perro Aguayo Jr., who died in the ring back in March in a freak accident. That was nothing but a nice gesture, and this win pretty much gave Rey the redemption he needed after that.

Photo from WhatCulture


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