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The Five Best Moms in Pro Wrestling

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours, wrestling fans!

True to form (or whatever form we're still establishing), Smark Henry will not be sitting on the sidelines as the world celebrates this heartwarming annual tradition. You see, pro wrestling also has a rich tradition of mothers who aren't content to just support their children or husbands in the ring; sometimes, when things get too heated for their loved ones, they also step inside that squared circle. Or they're already in that squared circle to begin with.

As our very own Mother's Day celebration, we're going to pay tribute to the mothers of pro wrestling today by listing the top five moms in the game!

5. Linda McMahon

Photo from Politico

Recent political shenanigans aside, it must be hard to be the wife of Vince McMahon and to be the mother of two children born into the circus that is the professional wrestling industry.

Even if you know it's an act, it must be hard as a mother to see your son putting his body on the line just to entertain the fans, to see your own daughter getting caught up in the middle of tasteless storylines on television, to see your own husband beat up that same daughter, and so on. Yeah, Linda knows it's all a work, but I wonder if there was ever a moment where she argued with Vince about where to draw the line. I'm sure there was.

4. Kharma

Photo from

Imagine this: you're at the cusp of breaking out in a small pond in the biggest company in the world. But just as soon as you're primed to become a star, you become pregnant.

Normally, in any other field of work, that wouldn't be a big deal. You work while you can, and when it's getting late, you take a few months off for maternity. But this isn't any other world: this is pro wrestling, and you cannot wrestle while pregnant, for obvious reasons.

So she had to make that sacrifice of giving up wrestling in the WWE, when she was getting really hot, for her personal life. And all for nothing: it turned out that her child didn't make it, passing away before birth.

The greatest thing Kharma did as a mom, however, was not to sacrifice her dream, but to sacrifice a particular image of her, trading in her image as a monster in the WWE's Divas division—which would've made her a huge star—for some vulnerability, when she broke down crying and announced that she was pregnant. Showing vulnerability takes a lot of bravery and heart, and Kharma proved that she had loads of them.

3. Vickie Guerrero

Photo from Fanpop

What happens when your husband is gone too soon, leaving your family without a reliable source of income?

Vickie Guerrero will be remembered as one of the greatest, if not most memorable heels to grace the business, and her best work is her blooming late in her life, a product of necessity after Eddie's untimely passing in 2005. Vickie started out as a sympathetic on-air character—to milk Eddie's death by way of Rey Mysterio's 2006 push, we must admit—then transitioned into an awkward heel aligned with Chavo (honestly, nobody knew why Vickie was booked like that, other than the WWE throwing the Guerreros a bone), then into a character fans were legitimately annoyed with. From there, she figured out how to play her character to a T.

Granted, the WWE's treatment of Vickie was never the best—you can make a compilation video of all the ways so-called good guys fat-shamed her, a heel character, that would be enough to give the company a whole new PR nightmare. But Vickie took to it in a way that would make her late husband proud. She not only stuck to it and gutted out things that must've been terrible for her self-esteem, I'm sure, but she also milked it to become a character valuable to whatever product she was on. One of the WWE's most powerful catchphrases, "Excuse me!" is that way because she was able to time it for maximum heat.

We're guessing she did that just so she can make a living for her kids. That's what a mother does.

2. Herlinda Guerrero

Photo from Bebo

Yes, we're listing two Guerreros in a row.

Other than marrying a legend and raising a couple more (that's Chavo Sr. and Eddie, by the way—Hector doesn't count, even if the Gobbledygooker was legendarily terrible), the reason why we're putting Mrs. Guerrero in this list is because she's a real G.

Do you remember when Eddie and JBL were feuding over the WWE Championship back in 2004? There was this little angle, somewhat obscure, but very tasteless:

Obviously, that wasn't a real heart attack; Eddie's mom just agreed to be part of the angle. But faking a heart attack to put the heel over and making your babyface of a son look real sympathetic? That's cold. That's pretty damn savage. You rule, Mrs. G.

1. Sweet Saraya

Photo from Flickr

But speaking of OG mommas, you cannot look further than Sweet Saraya. Yes, Tita herself.

This is a mom who not only is a legendary female wrestler in the UK and wherever women's wrestling is revered (like SHIMMER), and not only did she train Paige herself, I'm guessing, but she made a name for her daughter by feuding with her and putting her over. I mean, it's not just one match, but a whole tour:

And a whole lot more if you search "Sweet Saraya vs. Britani Knight" on YouTube. If you love Paige for the wrestler she is now, you know who to thank. It's only a matter of time until we see her on WWE TV, as part of Paige's storylines.

* * * * *

So what do you think? Did we pay homage to the right moms? We miss anyone? Sound off in the comments below!


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