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The Road to Wrevolution X

With less than a month to go before the biggest wrestling show in the country, Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s talented wrestlers convened at The Appraisery in The Cubao Expo for an explosive afternoon with the press. Introductions and opening remarks were made by the voice of PWR, announcer Raf Camus. He would also serve as moderator for the day’s affairs, representing PWR General Manager Mr. Sy.

The Rubber Match

Things got underway with Chris Panzer and Ken Warren, two very familiar foes, who came out to hype the first ever submission match to take place in PWR.

Chris Panzer came in with a very confident swagger, a very determined demeanor that the PWR faithful know so very well. He put the emphasis on hard work, on how this series with Ken Warren has been decided by the thinnest of margins each time. He also shed a little light on how this Submission Match may finally decide this feud, once and for all. 

But Ken Warren, The Social Media Sinister, looked uninterested, unbothered by his opponent's statements. It was as though he didn't even want to be at the press conference, like he had much better things to do. Warren eventually stopped posting on social media, and did find the motivation to talk about their match… and himself. He came across as narcissistic, and a bit overconfident as he listed the ways he could beat Panzer. Warren made his strategy very clear: Panzer is going to get hit, and eventually, force him to submit. After two hard-fought, and show-stealing contests, the dislike between the two is palpable, and very much real. This rubber match may decide who is finally better of the two, but this is rivalry that may never truly die. 

The Bitter Rematch

Following their barn burner at Vendetta, John Sebastian and Ralph Imabayashi 2 was recently announced for Wrevolution X over the PWR Facebook page.

Sebastian made it clear at this press conference that he is truly a grade A bully, but a mindless bully he is not. Accompanied to the press conference by his stablemate from The Royal Flush, Classical Bryan Leo, Sebastian looked more prepared than the last time we saw him. He bore a more sinister, more cunning demeanor to the press conference, a side we haven’t seen from him since his debut. He called out his PWR Bootcamp batchmate Imabayashi's win a fluke, a stroke of luck that wasn't supposed to happen. He narrated how after graduating from PWRs training program that he was insulted to be thrown into a match against such a diminutive wrestler like Imabayashi. Sebastian threw insult after insult about his opponent's height, which has become his calling card. 

What was unexpected, however, was his last barb: calling Imabayashi a cancer, which he was out to cure. Imabayashi, a man who always lets his actions do the talking, had few words for Sebastian. He stood up for himself, and said he was ready to prove that his win at Vendetta was because he was the better wrestler. Ralph looks determined to make John Sebastian look bad a second time, and finally put him in his place. Sebastian however will not make this easy for his opponent, looking to make a name for himself, any way that he can.

Two On Two (On Two) Chaos

At Vendetta, we quite possibly saw the beginnings of the PWR tag team division. There to promote the first ever triple threat, tag team match, the Fighters 4 Hire, and recently dubbed Beer Promdi (Mark D. Manalo and Kanto Terror) made the situation a little lighter. Noticeably absent was Dual Shock, the tag team that feel like the forgotten men in this contest. 

After a dominant showing in their debut, F4H called a spade a spade, berating Beer Promdi for their amateurish antics. They questioned how a drunkard, and boy lost in Manila could ever stand a chance against a force like them. KT and MDM acknowledged their own flaws, but made it clear why they are doing all this: to entertain their beloved fans. Although the fan favorites were able to best Dual Shock, F4H look like beasts they may not be able to tame. And of course, let’s not discount Sandata and Peter Verzosa. For all we know, their time away from the PWR spotlight may make them a better tag team, and kings of this division in it’s infancy. Only time will tell, in what promises to be a chaotic clusterfuck of a match featuring some of the most unique, and amusing talents that PWR has to offer.

The Rebel

Mayhem Brannigan has always been the man on a mission in PWR, and that direction has served him well. Having gone 4-0, he holds a solid undefeated streak among all the wrestlers in PWR. Now, he finally gets a mano a mano shot at Classical Bryan Leo. 

In Leo’s case, he seemed to be a slightly delusional, saying he deserves to be in the title match, looking to leap frog everyone else, even with his losing record. Brannigan, however, has Leo in his sights, not the championship, not his future opponents, but the clear and present. 

Mayhem is still prone to his impulses, attempting to start a fight with Leo and John Sebastian in the middle of their Q&A segment. He looks determined to take Leo out, once and for all, and prove himself as one of, if not the best fighter on the roster. The 30-Minute Iron Man stipulation was an after thought, considering how much drama these two already have had over the past year. Mayhem has already called for his victory, and Bryan Leo—by hook, crook, or any means possible—is going to try and end this losing streak. 

This match has all the potential to steal the show, and has instant classic written all over it. Watch out for The Flush, and Mayhem’s trusty steel baseball bat to possibly play a roll in this, before all is said and done. 

The Biggest Prize

The biggest match-up was saved for last, with "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon and Bombay Suarez discussing quite civilly their PWR Championship match. 


Both wrestlers were respectful towards their opponents, showing a class that is worthy of a champion. Bombay highlighted his relationship with JDL, saying that they were a good tag team, they are friends, but the teacher knows how to take the student out. He taught The Senyorito all his tricks, shaped him into the wrestler he is today, but if he needs to, he will KILL THIS BITCH for the strap. 

De Leon, on the other hand, mentioned how the student taught himself new tricks, has some aces up his sleeve that will make this a fight interesting for Bombay. But The Senyorito gave the devil his due, acknowledging his teacher as instrumental towards realizing his dream of being the first PWR champion. 

For this match, both said that friendship will be put aside until they settle who the best man is. It was hard for to see two friends have to put on the face of professionalism to earn the title of being the inaugural PWR champion. Both are good people, both good men with good spirits who will fight hard against each other to prove that they are indeed the best. Hopefully, neither change for the worse after Wrevolution X. 

Bombay and JDL are the two best in the company, and both deserve to be champions in their own right…but inevitably, one man will win, and another will lose on May 23. With the highest stakes, and a friendship on the line, this match has many PWR faithful torn. Look for this match to go down to the wire, and for an aftermath that will change the course of PWR forever.
After all the talk, the stage has been set for Wrevolution X. PWR as a whole looks ready to put on the show of the year, with action guaranteed in excess. Expect nothing short of amazing wrestling, come May 23 for what looks to become the biggest wrestling show to ever grace the country. 
* * * * *
Although not present to promote their match, The Apocalypse and “The Perfect 10 of The Royal Flush” Main Maxx will face off in a last man standing match. Expect these two behemoths of PWR to wreck everything in sight when they finally face each other, one on one. 
PWR presents Wrevolution X will take place on May 23, 2015 at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets will be sold at Php 250 at the gate. The gates will open at 6:00 PM with a 7:00 PM bell time. 


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