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#ThemeSongTuesday: Move to the Music

In wrestling, we tend to associate certain tunes with the wrestlers they accompany. When a glass shatters, we know that Stone Cold Steve Austin is coming out to drink some beer and give someone a stunner. For a more modern example, a certain bass line has become a signal for fans to whip out their phones and fill stadiums with light, or as Bray Wyatt calls them, his “fireflies”. In the Philippines, “Laklak” by Teeth means drunken master Kanto Terror being carried to the ring at the Makati Cinema Square. We only need one beat, one thump, or one riff to form a mental image of a certain wrestler.

The idea applies not only to people, but to the events themselves.

Monday Night RAW has been a staple of the wrestling world since it started on January 13, 1993. For many of us, it has become the go-to show for our regular dose of sports entertainment. Perhaps no other theme comes close to embodying the show than "Across the Nation" by The Union Underground, which was RAW's theme from 2002-2006.

The song is an up-tempo rock piece with hard guitar riffs, in line with the hard-hitting action the show promises to deliver. The rough, gruff vocals evoke images of the stereotypical tough wrestler. Taken as a whole, it's a fun, upbeat song that pumps you up for the following two (well, three now) hours of action.

Since then, the WWE has changed its musical taste. More mainstream acts such as Green Day and Nickelback have opened weekly shows. One mark of a good song, though, is its ability to withstand the changing times. Can "Across the Nation" still make you feel the same way it did a decade ago? 

You're damn right it can.

Photo from WrestlingNews


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