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Wrevolution X: Last Minute Fan Predictions

Wrevolution X is happening tonight, and we've got some last-minute fan predictions here for you! This is a result of a fan survey we put out earlier, and now we've got who the people think will emerge victorious later tonight!


3-Way Elimination Tag Match: Beer Promdi vs. Dual Shock vs. Fighters 4 Hire

In a tight race, the fearsome fighting unit known as Fighters 4 Hire, the devastating pairing of Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax, are slightly favored to run away with the win over their opponents. Expect Beer Promdi to put up their usual crowd-pleasing antics, and for the highly-underrated Dual Shock to amaze with their usual precision double-teaming, but the Filipino fight machines will rise supreme.


Grudge Match: Ralph Imabayashi vs. John Sebastian

Will the losing streak continue for John Sebastian? Fans seem to think so, as the pocket rocket Ralph Imabayashi is expected to squeak out a win over the rugged Jack of All Trades of the Royal Flush. Sebastian will be gunning on all cylinders for this match-up as he desperately seeks to avoid the first ever 0-3 start in PWR history, but the master of the Sonic Crusher should prevail.


Submission Match: Chris Panzer vs. Ken Warren

The Panzer Army has spoken up, and Ken Warren looks to be a tremendous underdog coming into the last chapter of this hot rivalry. We don't know what to expect from the submission arsenal of both men, as they are both better renowned for their striking talents—Warren, with his vicious Winning Finish, and Panzer, with his awesome Panzerschreck—but we're told that both men have been devising new moves to pull out for this third and final encounter.


Last Man Standing Match: Main Maxx vs. Apocalypse

What looks to be the most brutal match in PWR history seems to be tilted slightly in Main Maxx's favor, if we look at public opinion. But fans don't expect this match to end cleanly—look for some Royal Flush shenanigans to shape how the match goes. The Apocalypse will have to keep some chokeslams in reserve, just in case Silent Rage's stablemates decide to pull out their usual surprise gang beatdown.


Iron Man Match: Mayhem Brannigan vs. "Classical" Bryan Leo

Can Mayhem finally put an end to the hottest blood feud in PWR? Fans don't expect him to do so, with Bryan Leo a big favorite to steal this one from his masked rival. Mayhem is a spectacular daredevil with a jaw-dropping arsenal of ways to win a match—could we be seeing yet another balcony dive?—but Leo may just have too many secret tricks up his sleeve to fall prey to Mrs. Brannigan's baby boy.


PWR Championship Match: Bombay Suarez vs. "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon

In this tightly-contested match between the two finest wrestlers in Philippine sports today, fans strongly favor the ability of the Senyorito to out-grapple the Bitchkiller. If there's one thing we know for sure though about Bombay—never count him out. His wicked KOTD finisher is an instant game-changer if JDL makes even the smallest mistake, but the Pride of Negros Occidental has the weight of the Alipin Republic to fire him up, and will leave everything in the arena in his quest to be crowned the first ever PWR Heavyweight Champion.


Got other things to say about the card? Leave a comment below! See you all later at Wrevolution X!


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