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#WTFWednesday: Big Poppa Percentages

Welcome to WTF Wednesdays, our weekly outlet for the bizarre and strange things that happen in the wrestling world. Once a week, we’ll take a look at things that make us go “What the fuck?”, from promos, to gimmicks, and even in-ring action. In a business with a lot of room for creativity, there are certain moments that stand out, but for the wrong reasons. This is their place.

This past Wrestlemania season, you may have heard of someone being banned from the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. That person turned out to be none other than Scott Steiner:

The evolution of Scott Steiner is an interesting story. In the 90s, he was known for his athletic prowess, his credentials from the University of Michigan, and for being one half of the Steiner Brothers. He enjoyed a number of Tag Team Championship runs, winning the WWF Tag Team Championship twice as well as the IWGP Tag Team Championship (currently in NJPW) twice. Towards the new millennium, he started to increase his muscle mass and wear chain mail headgear, marking the birth of Big Poppa Pump. He had another run in WWE, before ending up in TNA. He eventually left the Tennessee-based promotion in 2010, and has been taking independent bookings since. Most recently, he’s been announced as part of Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Jeff Jarrett’s new project.

Scott Steiner is also known for his outrageous and oftentimes incomprehensible promos. These moments of brilliance have marked him as one of the most entertaining men to ever hold a live microphone in wrestling. Perhaps none stand out more than his 2008 promo for the TNA pay-per-view Sacrifice, where he was scheduled to face Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a three-way for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In order to hype the match, Steiner thought he’d use numbers, since everyone knows how to count. Right?

Alright, just what the hell was that? For those of you unsettled by Steiner’s mathematic prowess, there are two simple formulas in play here:

1-on-1: 75% (Scott Steiner’s chances) + 25% (Samoa Joe’s chances) = 100%
Triple Threat: 66 2/3 % (Scott Steiner’s chances) + 33 1/3 % (Samoa Joe’s chances) = 100%

Simple, right? For Steiner to come up with his 141 2/3 % odds you simply add his two percentages above. Samoa Joe’s chances, though, are derived from subtracting his odds in the two different cases, resulting in the measly 8 1/3% Steiner stated. The result is an astonishing total of 150%, which is simply unheard of.  That's definitely not how percentages work, so I'm not sure if the University of Michigan taught Big Poppa Pump how to count. They've probably dropped him from their list of notable alumni.

In the end, Samoa Joe actually walked out as the World Heavyweight Champion. Of course, Kazarian replaced the injured Kurt Angle in the match, meaning that Steiner's formulas were invalid. Tough luck.

Got any more Scott Steiner moments to share? Holla if you hear us at the Comments section!

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