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WWE RAW Results (5/18/15)

After WWE Payback, World Champion Seth Rollins' 3 opponents faced a setback, but one stubborn challenger fought back against the Authority.

Meanwhile, John Cena's US Title Open Challenge rolled on with another surprise, while a power couple was no more.


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon kicked off RAW in Richmond, VA, praising Seth Rollins after his successful WWE World Title defense at Payback. He said his opponents Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns would have to go to the back of the line because "they couldn't get the job done."

They then talked about the vacant Intercontinental Championship. Stephanie couldn't help but belittle Daniel Bryan once again for relinquishing two titles in as many years. A new champion would be crowned in less than 2 weeks inside the Elimination Chamber at its namesake PPV.

Suddenly, Sheamus came out and claimed he caused Bryan's injury; thus, awarding the IC Title to him would be "best for business." But Ryback begged to disagree as he headed to the ring as well. Ryback challenged Sheamus to a match, and Triple H granted his wish.

1. Sheamus defeated Ryback via a Brogue Kick

Backstage, WWE World Champ Seth Rollins bragged to the Authority about Payback, saying that he saved Kane's job. Dean Ambrose then emerged, requesting a rematch, which Rollins denied. The Authority then left the room, leaving Kane and Ambrose in it. The Lunatic Fringe invoked the name of Paul Bearer and The Undertaker, prompting Kane to book Ambrose in a match against another lunatic, Bray Wyatt!

In the ring, Neville was interviewed by Renee Young. Bo Dallas, his former NXT foe, interrupted the interview. Bo then went for Neville's injured knee, but the Man Who Gravity Forgot sent Bo out of the ring. Then out came King Bad News Barrett for a Payback rematch, as Bo joined the commentary team.

2. King Bad News Barrett def. Neville via a Bullhammer
- After the match, Bo attacked Neville some more

In the ring, Rusev lashed out at the outcome of the US Title "I Quit" Match at Payback, especially at Lana for what she did. He said he did not quit; Lana did. Rusev then called out Cena so the I Quit Match could be restarted.

But it was Lana who emerged instead. She explained that she just cared for Rusev, and did the right thing for him and for them. She even confirmed Rusev was screaming "I quit!" in Bulgarian at Payback! But Rusev used the "there is no us" card and ditched Lana as his manager!

3. Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose via a Sister Abigail
- J&J Security interfered, costing Ambrose the match

4. WWE Tag Team Championship - Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (c) went to a no contest
- Xavier Woods was banned from ringside for this match
- After the match, Woods emerged to help Big E and Kingston triple-team Cesaro and Kidd. But all the tag team combatants vying for the title at the Elimination Chamber PPV rushed to the ring for an all-out brawl!
- In the end, the Prime Time Players took out all the competition!
[The New Day will defend the titles against Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, The Ascension, Los Matadores, Sin Cara and Kalisto, and the Prime Time Players inside the Elimination Chamber at the WWE Network-exclusive PPV!]
After the break, John Cena headed to the ring for his weekly US Title Open Challenge. And the person who answered the call: NXT Champion Kevin Owens!

But wait: Owens just wanted to say hi, and mentioned Sami Zayn, whom Cena faced a few weeks ago on RAW and was currently nursing an injury. Owens vowed to finish what he started when he faces Zayn for the NXT Title at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable on Wednesday.

Cena tried to give Owens advice, but the NXT Champ cut him off, saying he's already a veteran and didn't need advice. He also said he didn't want to challenge for the US Title, since he has the NXT Title already. Owens promises a fight between them in the near future, but on Owens' terms.

Owens then fired the first shot, kicking Cena down low and hitting a powerbomb on the US Champ!

5. Dolph Ziggler def. Stardust via a Zig Zag
- After the match, Lana came out and kissed Ziggler! This brought a fuming Rusev to the ring, but Ziggler laid him out, and left with Lana in tow!
[At the Elimination Chamber PPV on May 31, Ziggler will join Sheamus, Ryback, King Bad News Barrett, Rusev, and R-Truth inside the Elimination Chamber for the vacant Intercontinental Championship.]
6. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper def. Fandango and Zack Ryder
- Rowan pinned Ryder after a chokeslam

7. WWE Divas Championship - Nikki Bella (c) def. Naomi (w/ Tamina Snuka) via DQ
- As Nikki went for the win with a Rack Attack, Tamina hit Nikki with a superkick, causing the DQ; Bella retained her title
- Her sister Brie was blocked from accompanying the champ by Stephanie McMahon
- After the match, Tamina and Naomi ganged up on Nikki until Paige came out for the save! But not for long, as she laid out Nikki Bella moments later with a Ram-Paige!
[Backstage, Kevin Owens revealed that he would face John Cena at the Elimination Chamber PPV!]
In the ring, The Authority held a "Seth Rollins: Architect of a Dream" tribute. Dean Ambrose then spoiled their party, saying he's a notorious "line jumper" and that's why he's demanding a World Title match from Rollins.

The Authority then instructed Rollins to take care of Ambrose one-on-one, but the wily champ soon got assistance from his Authority cohorts. Ambrose was able to hold his own, taking out J&J Security, Kane, and Rollins!

Ambrose then revealed a stack of cinderblocks, a callback to what Rollins did to him months ago. He then got a steel chair, a symbol of Rollins' betrayal of the Shield, until Stephanie stopped him and granted him a World Title shot... if Ambrose would let Rollins go.

Ambrose did so, but he was soon overcome by the numbers game courtesy of The Authority, and Raw ended with Rollins taking out Ambrose with a Pedigree!


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