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WWE SmackDown Results (5/14/2015)

On this week's WWE SmackDown, WWE World Champion Seth Rollins and his 3 opponents at Payback prepare for battle.

1. Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus via a roll-up

In the ring, Lana read an apology letter asking forgiveness from Rusev for doing Fandango's dance in previous weeks. Meanwhile, Rusev said John Cena would lose at Payback, and the champ would say "I quit!"

2. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins (w/ J&J Security) def. Ryback in a non-title match
- Before the bout, Ryback was attacked by Bray Wyatt, but he chose to continue with the match

3. Tyson Kidd (w/ Cesaro and Natalya) def. WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (w/ co-champions The New Day) via the Sharpshooter submission hold

4. Neville def. Bo Dallas via a Red Arrow

5. Roman Reigns def. Kane via a spear through a table in the ring corner
- The match had a stipulation wherein there must be a winner via pinfall or submission; weapons were used by both Superstars during the match

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage by Renee Young, but it was cut short when cookie-eating Dean Ambrose attacked Rollins. Roman Reigns then came in, but he and Ambrose just had a staredown. Ambrose picked the WWE World Title, put in in Reigns' shoulder, and said that Ambrose would take it for good at Payback.


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