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WWE's Bringing Back the Elimination Chamber PPV, And It Already Sounds Awesome

WWE's bringing back an old favorite again. Not unlike the surprise return of King of the Ring two weeks ago, it was announced earlier today that the company is putting the recently-defunct Elimination Chamber event back as a WWE Network exclusive on Sunday, May 31. Elimination Chamber used to be the company's annual February PPV until they finally scrapped it for Fastlane, a non-themed event.

We don't know what triggered the sudden urge to resurrect the event, but WWE just announced their Chamber match-ups on the website, and that might hold a clue: one match is for the Tag Team Championships (that's gonna be insane) but the other is going to be for the—SPOILER ALERT!—now-vacant Intercontinental Championship. For those who haven't seen today's RAW yet, Daniel Bryan is forced to vacate the title for health issues yet again.

No details yet on who's going to be in the match, but this swerve is suddenly looking pretty exciting. Meanwhile, re-live that time Santino almost won the World Heavyweight Championship.

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