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A New Look for Rusev?

We're all unapologetic Rusev marks over here at the Smark Henry offices, so we have to say we're still in mourning over the leg injury he supposedly got when taking an over-the-top rope bump against now-Intercontinental Champion Ryback at the 5/26 Smackdown tapings. There's been no official word, but the injury is believed to either be a broken ankle or a broken foot.

Highly-unconfirmed rumors are circulating that WWE management is blaming this injury less on Ryback than on the fact that the Bulgarian Brute wrestles barefoot. And so in an instance of responsible injury management  blurring the lines with a mild case of fashion Nazi-hood, it seems that when we do get Rusev back, he'll be asked to wrestle in traditional wrestling boots.

 We love Rusev's unique look, and will be saddened to see his crazy barefoot ensemble go—there's something about how much more devastating his super kicks look when you know it's a bare heel connecting with his opponent's jaw, and when he stomps down on an opponent's lower back before locking in his patented Accolade submission.

Now, Rusev has been known to wear boots earlier on in his career. But we'll be frank—the look is kind of meh.

But being the sensitive, fashion-forward wrestling fans that we are, we've come up with a list of some possible new footwear choices that our favorite Bulgarian basher could rock, and maybe win back the heart of Lana. Cos you know what they say—the ladies love a man in a good pair of kicks.


Iron Sheik pointy boots

Nothing screams "evil foreign invader" like the Iranian former WWF Champion's famous pointy boots. We'd love to see Rusev switch up his lethal jumping super kicks once in a while with a well-aimed pointy toe kick to the eye, especially against John Cena. "You can't see me" would take on a whole new dimension.


Ultimate Warrior frilly boots

Part of the Warrior's manic appeal were the distinctive tassels he'd sport on his boots, which always made him look just that much cooler when rampaging down the aisle or running the ropes. Perhaps Rusev could take a page out of the former WWE Champion's book and start rocking the frills and tassels too, only because there's nothing more humbling than tapping out to a man whose feet look like they were shod by a D&G catalog.


Batista Air Jordan XX8s

How awesome would it be for the monster anti-American beast to take on perhaps the greatest symbol of 'Murrican consumer capitalism, the Nike Air Jordan, and use them to add a bit of insult to each kick and stomp he dishes out? We're not sure any of them come in the Bulgarian colorway, but it would be a pretty bad-ass message either way.


Cryme Tyme Caterpillars 

Look, we know Rusev can kick hard—how much more brutal could his kicks get if he started dishing them out in steel-toed construction boots that look like they weigh as much as El Torito on their own? Our style consultants tell us they're not particularly on-trend at the moment, but hey—anyone who tries telling Rusev he's out of season has got to be a very brave man.


Got any more alternative suggestions for Rusev's new kicks? Leave us a comment below!


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