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#MustWatchMonday (6/8/2015): G1 Climax Final 2014

For today's #MustWatchMonday, hot off the wake of an awesome Best of Super Juniors tournament, NJPW now prepares the road to arguably the biggest wrestling tournament in the whole world, the G1 Climax.

A little context: the G1 Climax is a round robin tournament held each August featuring the biggest stars from New Japan, as well as several other promotions battling it out for the right to face the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion in the biggest show this side of the Pacific, the January 4 Tokyo Dome show, more recently called Wrestle Kingdom.

Last year's G1 Climax Finals was a match up between two former IWGP World Heavyweight Champions and arguably two of the biggest stars in Japanese wrestling right now, "the King of Strong Style" and CHAOS leader Shinsuke Nakamura against "the Rainmaker" and CHAOS's other ace, Kazuchika Okada.

Matches between stablemates rarely happen, but everybody has always wanted to see this match-up take place. Imagine two of the biggest dogs in the yard duking it out to learn who really is the top dog of CHAOS and who goes on to face the champion at Wrestle Kingdom. This is honestly one of the best matches of 2014 and you should really watch it.


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