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#MustWatchMonday: Ring of Honor's Battle of the Belts

For those who don't follow Ring of Honor, the promotion just held its PPV Best in the World a couple of days ago. This card featured a very, very special match, with World Champion Jay Briscoe going up against Television Champion Jay Lethal in a Champion vs. Champion Match.

Lethal is the longest-reigning Television Champion in ROH history, while Jay Briscoe has not been pinned in over 2 years. Something had to give, and we saw what happened last Saturday. The match had all the makings of a big fight, with both men's families present to cheer them on. Lethal brought his friends from the House of Truth with him, but all were eventually ejected from ringside in an effort to keep things even. It was an outstanding showcase from both men, with an array of stiff lariats and submission holds throughout. In the end, Jay Lethal became the first man to pin Briscoe in quite some time after delivering a Jay Driller (Briscoe's own move) and a Lethal Injection to keep the champion down for the three count.

Here's a quick video of the match highlights:

Congratulations to the reigning ROH Television Champion, and NEW ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal!

Photo from Cageside Seats


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