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Smark Survey (6/27/15): Who Have The Five Best Physiques In Wrestling Today?

Smart wrestling fans know that how jacked a wrestler looks is no indication of how good a wrestler he actually is. Some of the finest talents in the industry today look nothing like the bulgy, shredded supermen you would instinctively expect a wrestler to look like—men like Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, or Zack Sabre Jr. come to mind.

On the other hand, you have men who have made an indelible mark in our minds perhaps less for how good they were, but for how awesome they looked. You would never forget "Ravishing" Rick Rude, for example, who took great pride in showing everyone how a real man should look.

Hello, ladies!

You had the awesome might of the Ultimate Warrior, who showed us an intensity and power nobody has matched since.


We forget as well how ripped and shredded Sting was in his WCW heyday, but the man had a legitimately awesome physique.

You don't get called "The Icon" without abs like these!

And, of course, there was "The Total Package" Lex Luger, whose paper-thin skin housed rivers of bulging veins beneath their surface, making him look like he could snap you in half with his patented Torture Rack.

Flexy Lexy goes to town.

Wrestling is a showcase and a spectacle, and once in a while, it helps to have a body that looks like it was engineered in an Arnold Schwarzenegger daydream. And so in this week's Smark Survey, we want to ask you one thing: 

Which five wrestlers have the greatest physiques in wrestling today?

Leave your votes in the comments section below in no particular order, and we'll write up the results in the near future.


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