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Smark Survey (6/6/15): Who Are Your Favorite Couples In Wrestling?

Pro wrestling has often been called a "soap opera for men" in pop culture, and why not? It's got drama, it's got action, it's got intrigue, it's got twists and unexpected turns, and just like any good soap has its romantic pairings like its KathNiel, its Jericho and Kristine—heck, even its Dennis and Tom—it has its couples.

The first truly great wrestling couple in our memories was the legendary pairing of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, and they set the stage for more and more tandems to appear over the years.

So we got to thinking, out of all the couples who have played a role in making pro wrestling the fascinating teledrama that it is today—and let's be frank, that is what it is—which ones are the greatest?

As always, leave your votes for the five greatest couples in wrestling history in the comments section, and we'll write up the results in the near future.


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