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The Grapevine (6/22/15): Dolph Ziggler Unhappy, LU Season 2 Up In The Air

Good morning, everyone! It's your daily Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's today's round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from the day before.

No Grapevines on weekends (go out and breathe some fresh air, for once) but we hope you all had a happy Father's Day. We got some pretty saucy stuff on the docket, so let's get right on it:

  • Dolph Ziggler may be leaving WWE soon. According to rumors swirling around backstage, he has indicated that unless he is given a major push, he most likely won't renew his contract when it expires in a few months.

We say: Actually, this particular bit isn't a "we" say—this one's the opinion of one author, but a move out of the WWE might do him good for more reasons than one. It's clear that Vince and/or Triple H won't put all their faith in him, if he can't even get a consistent main event run. That, plus he could use some more honing elsewhere. He's been a WWE product through and through, so it seems like he only really knows how to work one way; perhaps working in an environment that's a little less safe might give him the edge he needs to finally break through. As long as he leaves his doors open and his bridges intact, there's no reason he can't come back in the future and maybe take what's his. (#NoOrton)

  • This one is actually pretty confirmed: Gunner is gone from TNA. He's now taking indy bookings.

We say: Gunner might have grown to be a solid midcarder, but not a lot of TNA fans (or wrestling fans in general) care about him enough to miss him. Happy trails, Gunner.

  • No one on the Lucha Underground roster knows when the next set of tapings would be yet. While it is listed on the corporate website that there is (or seems to be) a second season to air, apparently there has been no official word on when this is happening. Because of that, a lot of the talents are starting to take bookings for August and September, ideally when the next season should start being taped.

We say: There's a reason we didn't break the "news" that there was a second season here on Smark Henry. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty with LU's status, even if it is arguably El Rey's hottest property right now. Let's hope the doubts are put to rest soon, for both us and the wrestlers who would like the work.

  • On a related note, indy star AR Fox might be coming in to Lucha Underground. AR Fox is no longer under contract to EVOLVE, so it's possible that he is signing on. LU originally wanted Fox and fellow standout Rich Swann, but EVOLVE would charge them a lot of money to sign one of its talents. LU ponied up for Ricochet, but is unwilling to do so for another star.

We say: AR Fox in Lucha Underground is going to add to the show's insanity, so we can't wait for that. But first, they gotta make sure they do have a second season.

  • Sheamus was supposed to win Money in the Bank last year. Thanks to plans that keep changing, especially the WWE World Heavyweight Championship vacancy, the winners were then Seth Rollins and John Cena.

We say: Somebody up there really likes Sheamus, and it might be yet another example of the disconnect now that the Universe is lukewarm toward him at best. If they're intent on pushing him back to the main event, they have to be consistent and give him the best opponents, and of course, the best writing. It can work; it just needs a lot of effort from everyone involved.

What do you think? Should Dolph stay in the WWE? Let us know!

Source: WON, MLW Radio. Photo from WWE


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