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The Grapevine (6/30/15): Dolph Ziggler Hasn't Actually Signed A New Deal Yet

Good morning, everyone! It's your daily Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's today's round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from the day before.

There's a reason why you should always take the fruit on the 'Vine with a grain of salt, and it begins here:

  • After claiming in an interview with the Boston Herald that he was re-signing with the company, Dolph Ziggler is backtracking on those comments. He says that while he would like to stay wrestling in WWE until the end of his career, he has yet to come across terms that he likes. He wants to do things outside wrestling, such as stand-up comedy, film, and TV, and if he isn't allowed time to do that, he might consider leaving the company for a little while. Dolph wants to be a "bigger asset" to the company, and also claims that it's not about pushes (or lack thereof). (Source: The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show)

We say: It seems as though his comments from the Boston Herald interview were blown out of proportion. This is why the Grapevine is a source for unconfirmed news and rumors. But his reasoning totally makes sense: he wants to be a bigger star than he already is, and that means doing stuff outside of RAW and SmackDown. It's basically taking what Punk tried to do and get that ball farther than he ever did, and it only makes sense that he would need the time to do other ventures. Let's see how the WWE reacts to this; their response will determine just how much they value Dolph as a player in the company.

  • Jamie Noble is already back working WWE events. He just did a live event in Roanoke, Virginia, one week after suffering broken ribs. He did not get very physical, however.

We say: Good news, because that most likely means he's all right. Glad to hear the injury wasn't that serious.

  • Regarding a possible GFW invasion angle in TNA, some people backstage like the buzz the angle is bringing them. It's also possible that some of the released TNA superstars—such as James Storm and Magnus, who have reportedly signed with Jarrett—will just be crossing over to be part of GFW and its invasion, and appearing back on TNA television soon. There is also a feeling, however, that this wouldn't be happening if TNA's status was sound. (Source: F4W Online)

We say: We're not even sure if the invasion is a good idea. Even though Jarrett is a notable name, GFW isn't WCW, and there's not much impact (no pun intended) in crossing over from TNA to GFW just to... come back to TNA. It would've taken at least one year for it to work the way it should. We'll keep our eyes peeled for the developments.

What do you think? Is the whole GFW/TNA angle stupid? Let us know in the comments!

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