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The Grapevine (6/8/15): Havok Causes Havoc, Joe's ROH Deal, Fantasies Come True?

Good morning, everyone! It's your daily Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's today's round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from the day before.

It was a quiet weekend for rasslin' rumors, but we did hear a few interesting whispers. Here we go.


  • Despite the fact that he has signed a new full-time deal with WWE, Samoa Joe is still scheduled to team with AJ Styles to take on Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels at the Ring Of Honor television taping in New York City. According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, WWE has been pushing very hard for that match to not be taped for television, which was the original plan before Joe signed his new WWE deal. As of right now, the belief is that the match will not be taped for the ROH television show.

We say: So much for rewriting the book, Joe. Despite the thrill we all felt over his groundbreaking new non-exclusive contract when he signed up for NXT, looks like the WWE was only planning to let him play outside their yard only if nobody can see it on TV.


  • So WWE-hopeful and current TNA Knockout Jessica Havok got busted over the weekend for old racist and homophobic quotes on her Twitter account, which she's slowly been weeding out and deleting. She subsequently posted the following apology, which has also since been deleted. 
I want to apologize whole heartedly for the OLD tweets that are being brought up right now. Legit, It was years ago and i don't even rem.tweeting over half of this stuff. The stuff i do remember was jokes that were in bad taste. I was young and very new to social media promo and i was very immature and just said things to make my friends laugh at the time. Inside jokes between us. I don't really feel or believe any of the things i DID actually tweet. I am a loving, compassionate person and i LOVE everyone. No mater who! I would die for any wrestling fan and i care so much about wrestling and everything in it. I would not be here without any of you. I was young, stupid & immature. I am not too proud to admit some of it was me being bitter for all the wrong reasons, but I've learned and grown from this .. i hope this can be forgiven. I love you guys."

We say: Just last Friday, the Smark Henry offices were buzzing over how J-Hav could add some awesome new texture to the Divas division. Amazing how things can flip in just one weekend. There's never an excuse to be sexist or a homophobe, but it feels like a bit of a non-story here—her claims of stupidity and immaturity seem sincere (and believable) enough, and we don't think this should color her chances of making the cut.


  • WWE has issued another survey regarding potential WWE Performance Center Fantasy Camps, and it now appears that a lot of the details have been changed. WWE's Performance Center camps would now run for just one day and would be limited to 20 fans instead of 40. Perks would now include the following:
  • Participants signing a "training contract" with NXT coaches and "getting a welcome from Triple H himself."
  • Breakfast and lunch with NXT Champions
  • Tour of the WWE Performance Center
  • Observe a promo class being taught by WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes
  • Watch NXT training session, "Skill Session" and watch talents create their own promos
  • Create your own voice-overs
  • Watch an NXT showcase show inside the WWE Performance Center
  • Receive autographed photos of all participating NXT talents 

We say: It's certainly a huge step down from the original rumor of a 3-day fantasy camp—or even the Superstar Cruise that's also been making the rumor rounds—but still sounds like a fun deal, if only for the life-changing experience of seeing Dusty Rhodes give pointers on how to cut a promo. Just give us the chance to take a top-rope bump on the famous crashpad training ring, and we're good. But even more compellingly, the Performance Center has been reported to be a bit of a money drainer for the WWE, and it feels like this is Triple H's attempt to monetize it in some other way.


Got any comments? Reactions? Comment away!

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