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#WTFWednesday: #August1Warning

Over the weekend, criticism was hurled at the Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock MMA match for looking fake. In light of that, today's WTF entry is dedicated to that one time Bellator MMA got involved in wrestling.

Back in 2013, TNA was in the middle of what was basically a gang war. On one side, Aces & Eights, a group of outlaws led by Bully Ray. On the other hand, the Main Event Mafia, cleaning up (basically, they took out all the old guys) and reforming as a response to the domination of Aces & Eights. The two teams went at it in the middle of 2013 to fight for the future of TNA.

Also around that time, TNA was struck by #August1Warning, an cryptic video which hinted at the arrival of someone game-changing to the promotion. Rumors spread out as to who this could be, from initial TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, to former TNA stalwart Low Ki (on the basis that the guy in the video is bald, and well, Low Ki is bald), and even to former WWE superstar Hardcore Holly. All the speculation was put to rest, though, when TNA finally revealed the man behind #August1Warning.

Why, it turned out to be none other than MMA superstar and legend Tito Ortiz!

This was around the time TNA had a love affair with Bellator MMA, which led to some promising cross-promotion between the two. Heck, that's Quinton "Rampage" Jackson up there with the Main Event Mafia, as he was announced as their 5th member.

Now, it's not that this was a terrible reveal, by any means. Ortiz is a big enough name that can draw eyes to the product, which TNA desperately needed at the time (and, well, still probably do). There's just the fact that Ortiz spent an entire minute standing on the ramp, looking like Mr. Clean, and that was enough to scare 10 grown men into inaction.

Man, I've lost three straight fights, and these guys are still shit scared of me.

That's not even the best part, though. Ortiz got involved in the Main Event Mafia-Aces & Eights feud, eventually turning on Jackson to help Bully Ray win back the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This was all done to promote Ortiz's upcoming fight with Rampage on Bellator. Later that year, Ortiz and Jackson were pulled from TNA programming in order to prepare for their fight. Jackson would go on to say that we probably wouldn't see him in TNA again, after he saw how poorly the company was run. That did not do TNA a lot of favors at that time, as Dixie Carter has often been criticized for poorly running the promotion.

So yes, Ortiz/Mr. Clean scared 10 men and turned on the Main Event Mafia, all done to promote his fight with Rampage. Oh, yeah, that fight never happened.

Wait, what do you mean it never happened!?


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