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Heavy Impact (7/29/15): The Quiet Before the Storm

Hi folks, Marie here, and I am ready to dish out some thoughts on this week’s Impact Wrestling! This week’s card is heavy on the promos and vignettes rather on than on actual matches, and with good reason. Next week is TNA’s No Surrender, originally a pay-per-view event, but now an Impact Wresting special episode. Thus, they are using this episode as a preparation for next week’s special show.

Austin Aries’ promo

The show started with Austin Aries in the ring and about how he’s been snubbed out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship scene. Enter Bully Ray and said that the only opportunity he can give him is for the X-Division Championship. He snorts saying been there, done that (six times, as a matter of fact). He says it’s not for him anymore, it’s for guys who will never be in the main event, guys like Rockstar Spud (which is an ironic statement, considering he created Option C, the storyline device that will enable X-Division people to be a main eventer). Rockstar Spud, joins them…

Temple Rants (7/29/15): Mi Ultima (Lucha) Adios

We’re at the end now, folks. Welcome to Ultima Lucha — the biggest show Lucha Underground has to offer! Over the next two weeks, we’ll be witnessing the culmination of 37 weeks’ worth of blood, violence and gore the Temple has served up. It’s the end of the line for our luchadors, and they need to settle their rivalries here in a unique array of matches only the Temple can provide. Each match is the result of feuds that have been built over the past few months, so do check out our previous reviews if you want to catch up on things. It’s clobberin’ time, folks.

We kick things off with El Hefe himself, who has dressed appropriately for the event in a nice bowtie. He seems to be underneath the temple again, paying Black Lotus a visit. Nice to see they haven’t forgotten that they’ve been holding this woman captive for months now. Dario tells Black Lotus that it was El Dragon Azteca who killed her parents, and that Matanza was simply framed for it. Interesting. Dario leaves Black Lotus to…

WWE SmackDown Results (7/30/15)

Kevin Owens and Cesaro crossed paths again in this episode of SmackDown. See who Cesaro chose as his tag team partner against Owens and WWE World Champion Seth Rollins at the main event!

Again, Rollins opened SmackDown with an in-ring promo, this time RAW's main event last Monday and how he messed up US Champion John Cena's nose. Enter Cesaro, who reminded Rollins about their rematch.

1. Cesaro defeated WWE World Champion Seth Rollins via DQ
- Kevin Owens cost Cesaro the match

2. Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) and The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto) def. The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) and The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (w/ Xavier Woods)
- Kalisto pinned Konnor via a roll-up
- The WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) were at commentary

Backstage, Kevin Owens was interviewed. He announced that the Authority made him and Rollins versus Cesaro and a partner of his choice.

After the break, Bray W…

Smark Hen-XT (7/29/15): Tag Life

The NXT tag team division gets some love in this episode. Also up, another feud in the women’s division meets its abrupt end and Kevin Owens finally gets on the win column.

Ganging up

I’ve spent a huge amount of space the past few weeks on the women’s division. This time, with the NXT Tag Team Championship on the line, it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about the brand's other division, the tag teams.

Let’s be honest, NXT's tag division isn’t shining as bright as the singles’ and women’s. They haven’t really brought out many standout matches and if anything, the division falls behind the other two in terms of pecking order. So what’s happening with the division?

Simply put, confusion runs amok among the tag teams. After the tag champs, Blake and Murphy, we don’t really have any clear direction. The champs are great; they are arguably the best of the pack right now. Their new cocky attitude, impressive in-ring work, coupled with a valet who brings out the heels out of …

#FinisherFridays: NXT Level Tap-Outs

The past month of WWE has been a whirling dervish of head-scratching and Attitude Era-reminiscent storylines littered with misleading Authority figures, revenge of the undead, cold fishes and showoff dogs, among others. But if there is one thing that stood out and caught more attention than most, it would have to be the so-called #DivaRevolution.

Yes, there may have been some storyline inconsistencies—a consistency, of course by WWE Creative—but the sheer beauty of these ladies gracing not just the main roster, but ample segments of WWE Raw programming, has won the hearts of even the most casual of viewers.

But even more than the representation of excellent women’s wrestling, these NXT alums brought an array of nasty and gracious submission maneuvers meant to break the Bella twins' hold on the division. And as the Smark Henry tradition goes, let’s take a look into these execution moves.

Becky Lynch's Dis-Arm-Her

Busting out of the scene as one of the most exciting women’…

The Grapevine (7/31/15): Could Brock Have Been Gay? And Some Bad News For Lana

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's today's round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from the day before.

Could Brock Lesnar have been presented as a gay character? Apparently, back in 2002, before the whole Billy & Chuck kerfluffle, the 'E was considering debuting a character who would have been presented as an ass-kicking tough guy who would out himself as gay, but without playing to the "flamboyant gay" wrestling stereotype. The man this was written for? A soon-to-debut Brock Lesnar. The idea apparently came from former WWE Magazine writer Brian Solomon, who pitched it straight to Stephanie McMahon with the thinking being that it would get huge support from the gay community, as well as positive sentiment in the mass media for having such a "progressive character" on the roster. The idea eventually got s…

Now Rising at PWR: The PHX Championship

At PWR Live, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's upcoming event on August 15th, all eyes will be on the main event championship rematch between the reigning PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo, and the man he beat to claim the gold, "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon.
But that doesn't mean the rest of the roster will be spinning its wheels.

In a surprise announcement made via the official PWR Twitter account, and confirmed in a video by PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, we learned of the birth of a new championship, intriguingly named the "PHX Championship."

Why PHX? In an exclusive interview with PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, we learned that the initials are an acronym for "Philippine Hybrid X," representing an entirely new hybrid style of competition from what we've seen presented in PWR thus far.

"The PHX division marries the different styles of wrestling that we Filipinos have been exposed to, effectively converging into an exciting new…

The Smark Henry RAW Report (7/27/15): For the First Time

“Can this be real? Can this be true?”

Those are the questions that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn must have wanted us to ask ourselves as we watched this week’s episode of RAW. Maybe they wanted us to be in awe, or maybe they wanted us to appreciate their brilliance. After all, it should be one fine day when RAW features matchups that we’ve never seen before.

To be fair, there were new things—several, in fact—that were brought up on this week’s RAW. One of them was the Authority’s announcement that SummerSlam would now be a four-hour event, just like WrestleMania. That’s huge news because we’ve been hearing rumors about WWE making a push to build SummerSlam back up to its proper status as the #2 event of the year. With the additional hour, it seems that we’re finally getting that little by little. The only gripe I have with it right off the bat is that all of us Filipino fans will have to wake up extra early again to catch it LIVE at Skinny Mike’s on August 25. Huhubelles.

What wasn’t new…