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#FACT Check: Sheamus—First to 200?

Is Brock Lesnar really the youngest WWE Champion in history? Does WrestleMania 3 really hold the record for the largest attendance at a live indoor sporting event in North America? Is Hornswoggle really Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son? (LOL!)

We at the Smark Henry offices do not take claims like these at face value without evidence and the numbers to back it up.

So, when we stumble upon a dubious claim or an amusing trivia item, we just gotta check if it is—to borrow the catchphrase of Tyson Kidd, this article's spirit animal—a cold, hard #FACT.

For instance, on July 10, Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus tweeted this tidbit:

Really, fella? Not even John Cena, Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, or any other major WWE superstar who came before him has achieved this feat yet?

First off, what was the source of this trivia? A Lords of Pain report pointed to a blog called North American Wrestling Rankings (NAWR), which posted an entry on July 8 announcing Sheamus's "200 wins" achievement.

Sheamus was said to have scored singles victory #200 after defeating Roman Reigns via count-out at Monday Night RAW on July 6.

It adds,
[He was just the 4th wrestler to win 100 matches back on 8/3/12]. Others nearing this milestone [as of 7/8/15] are Randy Orton with 197 wins and John Cena with 188.
Sheamus even beat freakin' Cena and Orton to the 200-wins race? #EdiWow!

But, there's a catch: The NAWR has this note at its announcement post:
[NOTE: these records count t.v. and ppv singles matches since Nov. 2006 ONLY].
Uh oh. That means, Sheamus' claim may not hold water, at least for the "in WWE history" part, since the NAWR only counted from 2006 onwards.

Sheamus made his WWE debut in 2009, so we could assume that the NAWR has recorded all his wins and losses since then. But how about those of other WWE superstars, especially their pre-2006 win-loss records?

For the answers, we turn to the Internet Wrestling Database (IWD) at


Since it would be extremely tedious to look at the records of all 17,000+ wrestlers in the database just for this #FACT Check, we narrowed down the list of WWE superstars for verification through this process:

1. The IWD has a list of Wrestlers with Highest WWWF/ WWF/ WWE Win Percentages. Multiply each wrestler's win % to their respective total WWF/E matches, and we get the approximate # of matches they have won. This includes TV, PPV, and live event matches as of 7/11/15.

2. Since we're only dealing with WWE superstars with 200+ wins, only those meeting that criteria were counted. Only 49 made the cut in this case.

Also included were the wrestlers who the NAWR listed under "100+ Wins", but were not in the "IWD Win Percentages" list. There are 4 of them: Dolph Ziggler, Alberto del Rio, The Miz, and Jack Swagger.

Finally, just for kicks, the 3 wrestlers who came close to having 200 wins (as per the calculations in Step 1) were also included: The Godfather, Naomi, and The Road Dogg.

3. Definition of terms:
  • Televised - on TV or PPV, following the note of NAWR
  • Singles - one-on-one match
  • Victories - only counting records where the wrestler is the definite winner (via pinfall, submission, count-out, DQ, KO, TKO, or referee decision/stoppage)
  • In WWE History - only during their WWF/E run, as per IWD data


After 3 days of processing IWD data, this is what Smark Henry can say:

#FACT: Sheamus has yet to reach the 200-televised-singles-wins milestone. He needs 10 more to do so. And, he would not be the 1st in WWE history upon reaching it. At least 7 WWE Superstars have already notched that achievement before him!


According to IWD data, Sheamus's 7/8/15 RAW victory was his 201st one-on-one win on WWE TV or PPV.

But there's a nuance in the IWD data: when matches end in a draw—via double count-out, double DQ, no contest, or time-limit draw—the wrestlers' names in the match remain logged under either the "winner" or "loser" column, in no particular order. Of course, in a draw, there are no winners nor losers.

Therefore, included in Sheamus' 201-singles-victory count as per IWD data were the instances where his name was listed under the "winner" column in case of a draw.

Excluding that quirk in the data, and counting only the wins in which the WWE superstar was the definite winner (via pinfall, submission, count-out, DQ, KO, TKO, or referee decision), Sheamus' TV/PPV singles wins in the WWE would boil down to 190 as of 7/11/15!

At least 7 WWE Superstars have already unlocked this 200-singles-win feat in their WWE careers (following the definite-winner rule above), way ahead of Sheamus, as per IWD data:

1. The Undertaker, at 297 (win #200 - 6/23/02, King of the Ring - vs Triple H)

2. John Cena, at 273 (win #200 - 12/5/11, RAW - vs Zack Ryder)

3. Kane, at 265 (win #200 - 7/2/10 episode, SmackDown - vs Luke Gallows)

4. Triple H, at 240 (win #200 - 10/28/07, Cyber Sunday - vs Umaga in a Street Fight Match)

5. Randy Orton, at 239 (win #200 - 6/17/13, RAW - vs Daniel Bryan in a No DQ Match)

6. The Big Show, at 231 (win #200 - 12/31/12 episode, RAW - vs Ricardo Rodriguez)

7. Chris Jericho, at 206 (win #200 - 7/17/14 episode, SmackDown - vs Luke Harper)

Soon to join the club: Kofi Kingston (who is at 152), and Dolph Ziggler (at 149) as of 7/11/15!

No worries, Sheamus: 10 more one-on-one wins on WWE TV or PPV, and you would be the 8th member of the "200 Wins" club!

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