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#FinisherFriday: Anyone But You

Howdy, fellas! Welcome to another rowdy and raunchy round of #FinisherFridays!

Hello from Evolution 3.0
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Of course, whether giving a brief history lesson or deconstructing some of your favorite moves, #FF has always given our readers your weekly highlight of devastatingly hard-hitting wrestling holds. And as we continue to celebrate our scheduled end of days (at least for the week), today's Finisher Friday will bring you the top highlights of a week packed with debuts, championship changes, and of course, fantastic finishes from the different feds! 

What a way to end this action-packed week, right? Let's begin!

Ooooh yeah!
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Runner Up: AJ Styles Styles Clash on Adam Cole

Despite troubling ratings news for the second-tier wrestling feds, Ring of Honor still has much to look forward to with their still-fairly fresh TV deal and outstanding wrestling from its roster. This week's main event was a solid match on paper, but even greater on-screen! Adam Cole may have looked like he hasn’t missed a beat, but AJ Styles made sure he dropped that bass on Cole with a flawless Styles Clash.

How NOT to take a Styles Clash *cringe*
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5. Emma defeated Carmella with the Emma Lock.

Indian. Death. Lock. + Facelock. Ouch.
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As repeatedly mentioned in this space, nothing makes you look dominant than by making your opponent tap out, as Emma has shown in this week's episode of NXT when she made Carmella tap out to her version of the inverted Indian deathlock facelock aptly named the Emma Lock. And with a new theme in tow, looks like Emma will be strutting as a heel for quite a while.

And unfortunately for Carmella, you can teach that.

4. Ryback ShellShocks Mark Henry.

Big Green Machine
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The past few weeks have people questioning the Big Guy when he opted for a top rope splash instead of the Shell Shocked to defeat Mark Henry. 

Goliath Frog Splash!
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Not sure if he wants to add to his diversity with his #BeezyMoves, but on this week’s SmackDown, he showed why he still continues to call himself the Big Guy with a delayed Samoan drop on Mark Henry. Now if he can hit a double Shell Shocked on Big Show and Mark Henry...

3. TIED:
Prince Puma retains the Lucha Underground title with a 650 splash and
Austin Aries of the Dirty Heels gets the first fall in their Iron Man match with his 450 splash

Big week on title changes as we saw two of the best highflyers in the biz vie for the championship gold. But despite being in the same spectrum, it was a different angle that brought success to Prince Puma and defeat to the Dirty Heels. Flippy shit can get you far too, you know.

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2. The end of #LanEv

Or #RusNa? Russian Connection? To Russia From Bulgaria with Love?

Whatever they’re called, shippers of the Lana-Rusev tandem should bid their farewells for now as Lana finally spoke up on SmackDown about the actions of Rusev and Summer Rae from this week’s RAW, and she is now moving towards change to be better. But as she points out that she is now here to fulfill a great legacy, we don’t know if that will lead to a wrestling debut or bring Ziggler back to the title scene; but one thing's clear, Lana and Rusev is no more..

Even the Clippers need you two back..
Photo from @thelanawwe

But we know how pro wrestling goes right? 

1. Triple turnbuckle powerbomb on a table!!!

Haven't we seen this before?

Week after week we get a glimpse of the numbers game played by The Authority. And as with every Kane interference, it’s only a precursor to further beatdowns on the faces. On this week's RAW, we get something new with the Shield 2.0 (or Evolution 3.0) powerbombing Roman Reigns through a table propped on the turnbuckle.

Could have happened to anyone, but it happened to Roman. Yup. Anyone but you, Roman.

When Luke Harper showers..
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You think we left off EC3’s CLEAN finish in winning the TNA championship? Do you agree with everything on our list? Questions? Violent reactions? Any challenges for our hold of #FF? 

Let us know in the comments below!


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