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Impact Wrestling Results (7/22/15)

Impact Wrestling went extreme, and major announcements were made on the new TNA Hall of Fame inductee, as well as James Storm's new partner in crime against Magnus and Mickie James.

Dixie Carter kicked off the show with an announcement of the latest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame: Jeff Jarrett!

1. Street Fight Match: Bram defeated Magnus via a low blow and a roll-up
- After the match, James Storm emerged and hit Magnus on the head with a cow bell

Eli Drake, on a crutch, was in the ring to explain his actions last week, when he cost Drew Galloway the TNA World Title match. He also promised that Galloway will not become the World Champion because Eli wouldn't let him as long as he lives. Galloway then came out, and he and Eli came to blows until Eli bailed out.

** After that, a segment with Taryn Terrell and the Dollhouse played. Taryn, Jade and Marti were in Six Sides of Steel cage, demanding a rematch after losing the Knockouts belt last week. New champion Brooke Tessmacher then emerged. Taryn exited the cage and slowly went after Brooke, when the lights went out. 

When it went back up, Gail Kim was already in the cage, which was already locked! Gail beat the heck out of Jade and Marti, as Brooke taunted Taryn on the outside. Taryn quickly bailed out to end the segment.

** Then, segments on Jarrett's win at the King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary, and Tigre Uno's challenge to Donald Trump aired.

** After that, James Storm revealed his partner against Magnus and Mickie James: Serena of the former Straight Edge Society!

2. Chain Match: Eric Young def. Rockstar Spud via a piledriver

3. #1 Contender's Tables Match: Matt Hardy def. Bobby Roode
- As a result, Hardy becomes the new #1 contender to the TNA World Title

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