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Impact Wrestling Results (7/8/15)

The new TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III ran the show on Wednesday, thank to his aunt Dixie Carter, but he and all TNA fans will be in for a surprise later in the night.

In the ring, newly-crowned champ EC3 and Tyrus started the show to announce that Dixie Carter put him in charge for tonight's show. He also said that he'd be defending the TNA World Title "not just once, not just twice, but EC3-times!"

Matt Hardy then emerged, looking to be EC3's first opponent for the title defense trifecta. But EC3 declined, and put him in a handicap match with The Dirty Heels instead!

1. 2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) def. Matt Hardy
- Aries pinned Hardy

After the break, the group now formerly known as The Rising went to the ring to bid farewell to each other, after being forced to disband last week. Drew Galloway then said he will continue the fight against injustice in TNA.

EC3 then came out to announce that he booked a six-man tag match, but since The Rising has disbanded, Galloway would have to face The Revolution alone in another handicap match!

2. 3-on-1 Handicap Match: Drew Galloway def. The Revolution (Abyss, Manik, and Khoya) def.
- Galloway pinned Manik after a big boot

Ken Anderson caught up with EC3 backstage, and congratulated him for winning the title on his own! But EC3 "returned the favor" by pitting him against Bram... and it's next!

3. Ken Anderson def. Bram via DQ
- Bram continued his assault on Anderson after the match

4. Street Fight Match: Jessie Godderz def. Robbie E via knockout

Backstage, Lashley thought that he'd be among the men EC3 would be defending against, but the champ informed him that he'd be facing Tyrus instead.

Then, Part 2 of Mike Tenay's interview with GFW owner Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett was played.

After the break, EC3 started his triple title defenses. First up: against the first-ever opponent he defeated, Norv Fernum?!?

5. TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Ethan Carter III def. Norv Fernum via a 1% to retain his title

6.  TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Ethan Carter III def. Stone Cold Shark Boy via a 1% to retain his title

EC3 geared up for his 3rd opponent, but Kurt Angle invoked his rematch clause!

7. Bobby Lashley def. Tyrus via a Spear

The continuation of Mike Tenay's interview with GFW owner Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett was played. 

8. Velvey Sky def. Madison Rayne via a Stunner

9. TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle def. Ethan Carter III via DQ
- As Angle had EC3 on the Ankle Lock, EC3 knocked the referee out, causing the DQ
- Carter retained his title

After the match, EC3 welcomed back Dixie Carter to TNA! But, Dixie said that she was disappointed with how EC3 ran the show. She said that the show and the company belonged not to the Carters but to the fans who stuck with TNA since Day 1.

She then insinuated that someone needs to make the tough decisions in TNA... and it's not either of them! Dixie left the ring, leaving a confused EC3 in the ring as the show closes.

Who will be TNA's new authority figure?

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