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#IndieWeekend: Meet CHIKARA Pro

For this week's edition of #IndieWeekend, we'd like to highlight one of the more popular indy feds out there: CHIKARA!

CHIKARA Pro is a wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its name and logo was taken from the Japanese kanji meaning "power." It was founded in 2002 by Mike Quackenbush, who would go on to be one of head trainers as well as an active roster member. CHIKARA's promotion is focused on tag team matches, with two of its biggest events (Torneo Cibernetico and King of Trios) featuring special kinds of tag team matches. That's not to say that the company has no interest in singles matches, though. CHIKARA also has its singles championship called the CHIKARA Grand Championship, which was founded in 2011. CHIKARA's style is mainly influenced by lucha libre, with a lot of wrestlers wearing masks of different shapes and sizes.

CHIKARA is also well-known for its wacky gimmicks. Why, they have a bunch of ants fighting together in a colony:

There's actually more of them. Image taken from pwzfiles

and a tag team of ice creams. No, we're not making this shit up:

CHIKARA's roster also contains some wacky Egyptian dudes, sports athletes, and the finest man of Azerbaijan (who teams up with, well, a proletariat boar from Moldova), among other colorful personalities. More popular names you may know of that have wrestled for CHIKARA include Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn of WWE, as well as Austin Aries, Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak. Hell, that very European guy who made headlines earlier this week was once one of CHIKARA's most popular wrestlers.

Yeah, that guy on the left can certain deliver.

As wacky as it may seem, these dudes can really go in the ring. Check out this video featuring members of the Colony go at it against the Young Bucks:

CHIKARA also has some of the most insane storylines ever presented by professional wrestling. In recent years, they had a storyline where the entire promotion was shut down. Can you imagine Vince McMahon suddenly canceling RAW and having to live off video vignettes from wrestlers for the next couple of months? Probably not, but these guys pulled it off. This article by Vice Sports is a very good place to start if you want to know more about how they pulled it off.

There's a lot of places to look up CHIKARA. Their official website has a lot of content you can check out, ranging from event schedules to roster bios to streaming classic Chikara matches. There are also a bunch of videos on YouTube showcasing CHIKARA, so have fun!

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