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It's On: Bombay Suarez vs. John Sebastian

We're less than a month away from the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's return to action this August 15 at the Makati Square Arena with PWR Live.

We've talked about the hotly-anticipated main event for the PWR Heavyweight Championship, but are equally stoked about the just-announced grudge match between "The Heart and Soul of PWR" Bombay Suarez, and the arrogant young lieutenant of the Royal Flush, "Cutthroat" John Sebastian.

This match came about as the result of an open challenge made by a furious Bombay Suarez on the official Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook page.

Bombay issues a challenge for PWR Live!
Bombay Suarez shares his thoughts on what went down at #PWR #WrevolutionX and issues a challenge for PWR Live on August 15, 2015 at Makati Cinema Square! Watch the video to find out who the Bitch Killer has his sights on.
Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Monday, 27 July 2015

We didn't expect the cocky John Sebastian to back down (spoiler: he didn't), and so the match is officially on.

John Sebastian responds to Bombay's challenge!
John Sebastian - PWR responds to Bombay Suarez - PWR's challenge! Find out what the Royal Flush's Jack-of-all-Trades had to say to PWR's resident Bitch Killer!
Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

(And for the record, yes, John, we do think you're crazy.)

Our Analysis

John Sebastian has been making waves as the new Jack of All Trades for the Royal Flush, unleashing a previously-unseen mean side (and fancy war paint!) to finally break his losing streak at last May's Wrevolution X, and blindsiding a downed Bombay Suarez moments after he had lost his own PWR Championship match against Jake De Leon.

Suarez on the other hand is still obviously seething from that sneak attack, as well as another one that occurred at Toycon 2015, where he was making a promotional appearance for PWR.

There are few things scarier than a pissed-off Bombay standing across the ring from you, and we have to wonder about Sebastian's wisdom in picking a fight with the man known as "The Bitchkiller."

Suarez is possibly the toughest, most resilient competitor in the Philippine wrestling industry today, and his educated feet and surprising aerial arsenal have taken down such top stars as the Apocalypse and Ken Warren in recent months.

Bombs away with Bombay!
Sebastian is no slouch though. He was the top recruit coming out of the first ever PWR Bootcamp, with his strong style-inspired offense and star-level cockiness enabling him to rise above his peers.

Not a lot of people realize this, but he actually owes much of his pro wrestling training to Bombay himself, making this a classic student-versus-teacher matchup. Whether he can actually weaken his mentor enough to nail him with his infamous Killshot knee strike remains to be seen.

Sebastian knows strong style. 
Privately, we're told that many PWR superstars behind the scenes are rooting for Bombay Suarez to pound a lesson into John Sebastian's head.

Sebastian's actions over the past few months have been seen as an outright violation of the unspoken honor code the PWR talents hold among themselves. The man is an arrogant hothead—perhaps the only person with an ego larger than "Classical" Bryan Leo himself—who's made himself few friends in his career to date.

Suarez, on the other hand, is nuclear over Sebastian's attempt to make himself famous at his expense, especially when it cost his good friend Jake De Leon his prized championship gold against Leo.

As the most universally-loved talent backstage, he knows he carries the anger of the whole PWR locker room with him as he enters this match with the Cutthroat. We're pretty sure he's packing a few KOTDs and Bomb Shelters with John Sebastian's name on them.

Our Prediction

John Sebastian is young and ambitious, but may have backed himself into a lose-lose situation with the Heart and Soul of PWR. Bombay Suarez is a man you don't provoke, and he's desperate to bounce back with a win to keep himself in the PWR Championship scene.

He'll be on a mission as well to send the young pup out of commission for the evening, so Sebastian doesn't run outside interference for his boss Bryan Leo in the evening's main event, giving Jake De Leon a level playing field in his championship rematch.

In Bombay's eyes, John Sebastian is a bitch of the worst kind, and we all know what Bombay does to bitches.

The winner of the match: Bombay Suarez with a bitchkillin' KOTD. 


PWR Live will be on August 15, 2015 at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets will be available at the gate for P250, with the gates opening at 6 p.m. For inquiries, check out the official PWR Live Facebook Event Page.

All photos are by the fabulous Hub Pacheco.

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