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It's On: Classical Bryan Leo vs. The Senyorito Jake De Leon II

It's official—Philippine Wrestling Revolution is back in action this August 15 at the Makati Square Arena with PWR Live.

Topping the card will be the hotly-anticipated championship rematch between the reigning King of the Royal Flush and PWR, "Classical" Bryan Leo, and the former champion, "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon.

Our Analysis

Leo is red-hot with momentum, coming off of the most dominant night in Philippine wrestling history at last May's Wrevolution X. Not only did he successfully erase Mayhem Brannigan's year-long pursuit in a bruising Iron Man Match to open the evening, he successfully proved he is the smartest man in PWR today by successfully cashing in on his promised title shot against a weary, battered Jake De Leon in a shocking end to the night.

"Classical" Bryan Leo really knows how to rub it in.
De Leon on the other hand is furious to avenge his championship loss. He rightfully believes he is the best wrestler in the country today, as indicated by his stellar win-loss record. He's won more matches than anyone else in PWR's young history. "The Senyorito" knows he can go toe-to-toe with Bryan Leo as the only man to have ever beaten him in a straight-up mano y mano match—a feat even the previously-undefeated Mayhem couldn't do.

This will be an intense, brutal fight.

We saw hints of Jake De Leon's dark side in his victory against Bombay Suarez to win the PWR Heavyweight Championship, showing his hunger and desperation to be the company's standard bearer. For all his crowd-pleasing simpatico mannerisms, De Leon is a fighter to the core who will scratch and claw his way to victory when needed. His trademark Alipin Drop will be his weapon of choice, and we expect him to pound the champion's body with high-impact slams and Payrolls in an attempt to wear him down for the finish. Experts have described his superkick as the best in the Philippines, and we're sure the JDL will be more than happy to throw a superkick fiesta for the reigning champion.

Can JDL take Bryan Leo for a ride?
Bryan Leo, meanwhile, has proven time and again that he is a master strategist; for all the shortcuts he takes—particularly his reliance on his Royal Flush teammates to bail him out of trouble—he is a consummate student of the game, and is certainly orchestrating an intricate game plan to foil JDL's challenge. Nobody knows more moves than Bryan Leo; while he prefers to use his Royal Flush Down to end his matches, his bag of tricks is overflowing with moves to punish his foes, including his vaunted Painful Classic Wreckage uranage slam, and a devious new submission hold he calls The Fold.

Can Bryan Leo strike with the PCW?

Our Prediction

As much as we here at the Smark Henry offices love Jake De Leon, we have to say that "The Senyorito" may be walking into this fight outgunned. Bryan Leo is simply too cunning for the pride of Hacienda De Leon, and will resort to anything to keep his prized PWR Championship.

And let's not discount the strength in numbers that Bryan Leo enjoys with the Royal Flush. "Cutthroat" John Sebastian is perhaps the one man in PWR with even less scruples than The Classical One, and Scarlett has been invaluable in providing timely distractions and manipulation when needed. The Flush may be down one man with the injured Main Maxx still out of action, but they think and act as a unit, and will be both safety net and cavalry when their King looks like his reign is in jeopardy.

The Smark Henry expert panel has JDL as a massive 6-1 underdog heading into PWR Live. We don't expect "Classical" Bryan Leo to fight a fair fight, but who would, after all, when the biggest prize in Philippine wrestling history is on the line?

The winner of the match: "Classical" Bryan Leo via heel shenanigans (and perhaps the debut of a new enforcer for the Royal Flush)


PWR Live will be on August 15, 2015 at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets will be available at the gate for P250, with the gates opening at 6 p.m. For inquiries, check out the official PWR Live Facebook Event Page.

All photos are by the fabulous Hub Pacheco.

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