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John Cena Gets His Nose Broken By Seth Rollins For Real

Earlier today on RAW, Seth Rollins hit John Cena in the face with a seemingly harmless, run-of-the-mill jumping knee, as you can see here:

If you thought that didn't look all that strong, you're wrong. Seth apparently broke Cena's nose with that innocuous-looking Muay Thai knee.

According to WWE doctor Steve Daquino:

"As you can see on television tonight, John suffered from a nasal fraction. He's got quite a bit of displacement, so we sent him over to the local emergency room so he can be evaluated by the ears, nose and throat doctor who's on call tonight and see what can be done to properly repair it."
And here's the busted nose, in all its swollen glory, already being capitalized on by WWE's website team.

We'll have more updates as they come along, but it doesn't seem to be something that will sideline Cena for the time being. In fact, we're already anticipating the return of a certain gimmick:

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