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John Cena Puts Over Cesaro After Stellar Main Event

For all the grief we give Cena for ruining the momentum of several up-and-coming superstars—which, it should be noted, isn't really always his fault—we forget the moments when he does share the spotlight with young lions he deems worthy.

After this week's incredible 30-minute main event for the United States Championship (which resulted from Cesaro demanding a rematch after Owens interfered last week) the Champ and the challenger hung around for a little while in the ring so that Cena could take the time to sing his well-deserved praises.

"What you can do in this ring is simply amazing," Cena tells Cesaro, who is standing at the the stage, about to go back to gorilla. "And for years, you have been fighting, but you just haven't received the right opportunity."

"That is why so very badly, I hold this with so much passion; because for two weeks straight, even with the Beast destroying a Cadillac, the word on everyone's lips is 'Cesaro.'"

"I don't know when your next opportunity is," he continued, "but I'm telling you man-to-man, you've made the absolute most out of the last two."

Cena then beckons Cesaro to come back to the ring to soak in the adoration of the "rowdiest crowd in the WWE Universe."

It was pretty classy of John to do, because it looked like a genuine shoot moment. It could have been another artificial #GoodGuyJohn promo that his character would totally do, but even if it were, we don't doubt the sincerity of John's sentiment. They did just go pull of an amazing match, and it must've given them such a high. Let's hope that officials—namely, Vince—finally takes notice and gives Cesaro something while his partner is recovering from a neck injury.

Were it Kevin Owens, though, that guy would've just powerbombed Cena for talking down to him.

Photo from WWE


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