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Lucha Underground Results (7/8/15)

Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo led teams of 4 in tonight's LU main event.

1. The Mack defeated Cage via a schoolboy pin

Backstage, Catrina warned Son of Havoc about a bad thing that's coming his way. Ivelisse confronted Catrina, but the latter shoved Ivelisse onto Havoc.

Meanwhile, Pentagon continued to push Vampiro's buttons. Will Vampiro snap?

2. Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) def. Son of Havoc (w/ Angelico and Ivelisse) via a Flatliner

In the ring, Texano talked about Chavo Guerrero, then issued a challenge to him at Ultima Lucha. Chavo and his crew then came out and ganged up on Texano, until Blue Demon made the save! But then, Blue Demon turned on Texano, and said that it's him who Texano will face at Ultima Lucha!

3. Eight-Person Tag Team Match: Team Mundo (Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Jack Evans, and Super Fly) defeated Team El Patron (Alberto El Patron, Sexy Star, Aero Star, and Drago
- Mundo pinned Sexy Star via a roll-up

After the match, Pentagon attacked Vampiro at ringside!

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