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Lucha Underground Results (7/22/15)

This week on Lucha Underground, we finally get to know what all those medallions are for!

  • Big Ryck is given the last Aztec medallion through a deal with Dario Cueto.

  • Texano def. Johnny Mundo via DQ

  • Dario Cueto makes Hernandez vs. Drago at Ultima Lucha (which begins next week) a Believers Backlash match, where fans are armed with straps and are allowed to attack the wrestlers.

  • The Mack def. They Call Him Cage. Dario Cueto makes their Ultima Lucha match Falls Count Anywhere.

  • Dario Cueto explains the significance of the seven Aztec medallions. He says it's for a new title belt, called the Gift of the Gods Championship. Anyone who has all seven Aztec medallions will have the Gift of the Gods title and an opportunity to challenge for the Lucha Underground Championship at any time they choose, provided they give Cueto a week's notice. If they wait too long to "cash in," they will have to defend the Gift of the Gods title and risk losing all their medallions. Each man who has a medallion places their medallion into the championship, leaving one left because Fenix was destroyed. Cueto sets up a battle royal for the seventh medallion. Fenix returns for this match.

  • Fenix wins the Battle Royal to retain the rights to the last medallion.

  • Prince Puma and Mil Muertes have another confrontation, which ends in Puma hitting the 630 splash on Mil.

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