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We're Celebrating A Damien Sandow Appreciation Party

In an attempt to get Sandow back over (especially now that the Meta Powers should be done for—thanks, Hogan, for real) the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley is promoting that next Monday, August 3, be Sandow Appreciation Day.

In a tweet three hours ago, Foley posted this:

The Savior of the Unwashed Masses is pretty happy about this.

And because we live west of the International Date Line, Sandow has one extra day of love. If you're a Sandow fan, you know what to do! We know we're getting in on this.

UPDATE: We've been told that it was actually someone on Tumblr, Six Degrees of Sandow, who came up with the idea of having the Sandow Appreciation Day, not Mick Foley. Our apologies to this Tumblr user. Mick Foley, however, is running all the way with it and she's happy that he is.

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