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#MustWatchMonday: What Happens When A Puma Fights A Dragon?

For those who follow (and also those who don't follow) Lucha Underground, this week's episode will mark the beginning of the show's first season finale, a three-hour shindig called Ultima Lucha. It's basically a PPV event split into two weeks, with this week's episode having the first hour and next week's having the last two hours.

One of the feuds coming to a head at Ultima Lucha is Drago vs. Fernandez Hernandez, which began when Drago won a Lucha Underground Championship match with a twist: if Drago lost, he would be banished from the Temple.

What results is an awesome battle between a puma and what is apparently a real-life dragon.

In the end, Drago loses thanks to the interference of Hernandez. But if he's banished from the Temple, how is he back for Ultima Lucha? Let's just say that Drago has a pretty good lawyer, managing to get back in through a loophole. On Ultima Lucha, they'll be fighting in a Believers' Backlash match, where the fans in the Temple are armed with leather straps they can hit both men with. (Lucha Underground is kind of like a better ECW, if its mom was AAA and its dad was WWE.)

What do you think of the match, and of Lucha Underground? Let us know in the comments!

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