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Now Rising at PWR: The PHX Championship

At PWR Live, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's upcoming event on August 15th, all eyes will be on the main event championship rematch between the reigning PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo, and the man he beat to claim the gold, "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon.

But that doesn't mean the rest of the roster will be spinning its wheels.

In a surprise announcement made via the official PWR Twitter account, and confirmed in a video by PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, we learned of the birth of a new championship, intriguingly named the "PHX Championship."

Why PHX? In an exclusive interview with PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, we learned that the initials are an acronym for "Philippine Hybrid X," representing an entirely new hybrid style of competition from what we've seen presented in PWR thus far.

"The PHX division marries the different styles of wrestling that we Filipinos have been exposed to, effectively converging into an exciting new chapter in Philippine wrestling history," said Mr. Sy.

You've been seeing the signs and hearing the rumblings on Social Media. Now, PWR General Manager, Mr. Sy, is here to formally introduce you to PWR's newest division PHILIPPINE HYBRID X or PHX for short.Watch this video to find out just what the General Manager of PWR has planned for the PHX Division, who will compete in it, and if there will be gold in the near future. You can bet, Mr. Sy will be watching.
Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unlike traditional "secondary" championships like the WWE's Intercontinental Championship, where said titleholder plays second fiddle to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, or "cruiserweight" or "light heavyweight" divisions that imply championship races for smaller (and implicitly inferior) men, the PHX Championship sounds like it will be billed on par with the PWR Championship, with next-level hybrid athleticism and skills to showcase a different flavor to its matches.

We've learned that the PHX Championship will be contested in an 8-man tournament to crown its inaugural holder (not in Rio de Janeiro, unfortunately), with the quarterfinal round launching at PWR Live itself. Here are the initial match-ups announced to determine the Final Four.


PHX Quarterfinal Match-up: Mayhem Brannigan vs. Miguel Rosales

The "twisted steel and sex appeal" of Mayhem Brannigan will be up against a tough challenge in the always-dangerous MMA specialist, Miguel Rosales of Fighters 4 Hire. This should be a brutal contest, with all the free-flowing chaos we've come to expect from a Mayhem match colliding head-on with the vicious suplex-based offense of Rosales. We predict Rosales will establish his dominance early on, wearing down Mayhem with his trademark array of slams and throws, but Mrs. Brannigan's baby boy will outrace and surprise his more deliberate, slower-paced opponent via his superior conditioning, daredevil theatrics, and a couple of well-placed Rock n' Roll DDTs to punch his ticket into the semifinals—and maybe even to an inaugural reign as first ever PHX Champion.

Smark Henry prediction: Mayhem Brannigan


PHX Quarterfinal Match-up: Ken Warren vs. Joey Bax

Ken Warren is possibly the most desperate wrestler on the PWR roster today. After enduring three consecutive crushing losses, the arrogant d-bag known as "The Human Trending Topic" may be suffering from something he's never felt before—a crisis of confidence—and is hungry to redeem himself. His assigned opponent, Joey Bax of Fighters 4 Hire, may be well-respected for his ground-and-pound game, but may find himself on the short end of the stick against a crazed Warren who will stop at nothing to prove that he's got the game to match his in-ring bravado. This just may be the Social Media Sinister's defining breakout moment, and as of now we could see him blasting his way to the finals, depending on how the brackets play out.

Smark Henry prediction: Ken Warren


PHX Quarterfinal Match-up: Chris Panzer vs. SANDATA

Hang on to your seats, PWR fans, because this match just may be a sleeper contender for Philippine Match of the Year. The high-octane, crowd-pleasing offense of Chris Panzer is always a sight to behold, with his Panzerschreck finisher being the most gorgeous move on scene, while the high-flying SANDATA of Dual Shock always has the crowd on their feet with his lucha flair, dishing out huracanrana facebusters, sky-high flying knees, and soaring suicide dives to the outside that make him a sentimental favorite here at the Smark Henry offices, and our designated Mr. Holy Shit each and every time he's on the card. Panzer is too good to hold down though, and we see him escaping by the skin of his teeth into the PHX semis.

Smark Henry prediction: Chris Panzer


PHX Quarterfinal Match-up: Peter Versoza vs. Ralph Imabayashi

Peter Versoza of Dual Shock is lined up against the Japanese-born Ralph Imabayashi in the final quarterfinal pairing, and we literally haven't a clue which way this fight will go. Versoza has a solid aerial game to go with his size advantage—if you haven't seen him dish out a top-rope Swanton Bomb, you're missing something awesome—but Imabayashi's indomitable fighting spirit (not to mention his signature Sonic Crusher) make him impossible to write off from any competition, having scored a surprise upset win over the Royal Flush's John Sebastian in his PWR debut. Gun to our head, we're liking the chances of the Pocket Rocket in this contest, and predict he'll be making waves throughout the rest of the tournament.

Smark Henry prediction: Ralph Imabayashi


How are you feeling about the PHX Championship tournament, fellow smarks? Do you think Ken Warren will overcome his career-long losing streak to redeem himself with some PHX gold, or will Mayhem Brannigan kick and claw his way to the top of the heap? 

We'll leave you with a hype video to get y'all pumped for the PHX tournament proper.

We'd love to know your predictions on both who will win each match, and how the semifinal brackets will play out. Leave us a comment below, and we'll see you at PWR Live in a few short weeks!


PWR Live will be on August 15, 2015 at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets will be available at the gate for P250, with the gates opening at 6 p.m. For inquiries, check out the official PWR Live Facebook Event Page.

All photos are by the fabulous Hub Pacheco.

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