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#SadSundays: Million Dollar Virgil

Meet Wrestling Superstar Virgil: 30-year professional wrestling veteran, former Million Dollar Champion, former nWo head of security, and best known as bodyguard/butler/manservant for the legendary "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

But we all know him for that guy who inspired a ton of letters about wrestler run-ins on Deadspin and a YTMND page set to the original Eric Carmen version of "All By Myself."

So what does Wrestling Superstar Virgil do when he's not hustling $15 8x10s in a New York subway, or loving his solitude in wrestling conventions? Apparently, this:

Over at GoFundMe, an fundraiser (purportedly attributed to the former AWA Southern Tag Team Champion) seeks to make Wrestling Superstar Virgil a millionaire. The fundraiser's description reads, and I quote:

Remember me? I am Mike Jones AKA Wrestling Superstar Virgil. I am verified on twitter now @therealvirgil which means I am the real deal. I have been around the world 30 times and my life has always been about the hustle. I started out in the old WWF as the bodyguard of the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and said to myself now it is now MY TIME to be the Millionaire. If you have watched wrestling than you know who I am. I will inspire you that million dollar dreams can come true. Show your love for your favorite wrestler ever by giving me $1, $10, $100, shit $1000 and make me a MILLIONAIRE. You could make this happen and I will forever be grateful. Everyday I hustle and now I am trying to show the world that this dog can be taught new tricks!

"New tricks?" Definitely, like that crucifix hold he used to pin Bastion Booger with. It doesn't look like a million dollars or anything, but it got the job done.

On top of the online fundraiser, Wrestling Superstar Virgil also found himself in local New York TV news, where the former 1992 PWI #3 Most Improved Wrestler is mentioned alongside MTV Superstar Brandy.

For all that's been said about Wrestling Superstar Virgil, I think he's a long way from reaching his first million (which doesn't really make someone a millionaire). Maybe selling 66,666.67 8x10s in a few thousand wrestling conventions would do a better job than raising $125 over 19 days in an online fundraiser. We don't know if Wrestling Superstar Virgil still goes to wrestling conventions or sets up his merchandise in parking lots and hobby shops, and we don't know if the GoFundMe page is legit as it comes.

But don't take my word for it, either:

We're pretty sure of one thing, though: he's got miles to go before he sleeps.

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