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Smark Survey (7/20/15): Who Will Be The Next First-Time World Champion?

Let's get this straight: The ultimate goal of being a professional wrestler is to be World Champion. There isn't much point to putting your body on the line 300 days a year if you aren't lusting and obsessing to be the king of the sports entertainment industry.

For all the flak wrestling gets over being a "fake" sport, the fact of the matter is that legends are made by the championships they've worn. Men like "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair are immortal for the number of times they've been king of the hill.

Ric Flair is still today's gold standard with sixteen World Championship reigns to his name.
And some of our favorite memories are of wrestlers claiming the gold for the first time. After all, who didn't have tears in their eyes watching Christian climb the ladder to win his first ever WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

At WrestleMania, we saw Seth Rollins cash in on a weary, distracted Brock Lesnar and a suplex-battered Roman Reigns to steal the championship gold for the first time, creating a truly historic, heart-pounding moment. And that got us thinking, with the roster in the WWE today at the deepest it's been in ages, there's got to be another first-time champion lurking somewhere.

So for this week's survey, we want to know:

Who do you think will be the next first-time World Champion? 

Vote for your top five in the comments below, and we'll tabulate the results for a future People Power column. As always, order doesn't matter, so don't overthink your ballot!

Could the demonic Bray Wyatt achieve what his father could never do and reign supreme in the WWE? Could former Shield members Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns be next in line? Perhaps the new blood like Kevin Owens or Finn Bálor could be king, or even such pedigreed international Superstars as Bad News Barrett or Rusev. Who knows, maybe Stardust breaks through and gets a ceremonial run as World Champion. Or it could someone else completely, if you feel that strongly about Heath Slater or whoever else.

The future is in your hands, fellow smarks.

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