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Smark Survey (7/6/15): What Are Your Five Favorite Character Props Of All Time?

Pro wrestling is our favorite form of theater, and what's theater without some good props? From Jake "The Snake" Roberts' trademark python Damien to Sting's iconic black baseball bat, we've seen loads of amazing objects used to define a particular gimmick or character.

Ted Dibiase, for example, had always been a tremendous wrestler in the Mid-South and NWA in the 70s and 80s, but it wasn't until he unveiled his diamond-encrusted Million Dollar Belt in the WWF that his iconic "Million Dollar Man" character truly felt complete.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts, on the other hand, was never a strapping powerhouse like his peers from the mid-80s WWF, but cut some of the creepiest, most psychologically-cutting promos with his infamous python Damien draped around his neck.

Al Snow had been a struggling mid-carder throughout his career until he made his return to ECW with a disembodied mannequin head named—appropriately enough—Head, and erupted to the top of the championship contender scene.

And so, out of the million-and-one great character props that have been a part of wrestling lore throughout the years, we want to know:

Which are the your five favorite character props of all time?

As always, list your five votes in the comments in no particular order, and we'll do a round-up of the results in the near future.


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